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    Has anybody else feel it??

    Sometimes when we are sitting somewhere and talking to someone. We feel that it had been happened already in past. We are talking normally and suddenly we feel that what we are talking we have talked in past too. Even we have same gesture and same sentences what we had in past. It happen to me many of the times. Sometimes it feel like time is repeating itself. Is it happen to others also.
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    Yes, It happens with me so many times. It feels as if I am repeating the same thing again. When I do something or talk to someone, suddenly mind goes somewhere and I feel as if it has happened already with me. I don't know how but I would love to know the reason as why it happens.

    Thanks for sharing such experience. Let's see what other members say about it.

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    It is called Déjà vu.

    Yes. It has happened to me too on many occasions.

    You know exactly what is going to happen next. You know where the conversation is headed and what the other person is going to say, and what your reaction will be. And the best part is everything happens exactly the way you know it will happen.

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    Yes, this has happened to me also several times. Whenever? I am going through a conversation I start feeling that I have experienced the same thing. I feel the experience of every word spoken, the surrounding, the sitting posture and everything. I would assume that I would have dreamt about about it and the dream is getting repeated.

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    Some times when both friends are conversing they say the next sentence in same way and thus both gets stunned as to how they can share such a close bonding. The thinking power, the way of visualizing and way the things would happen to us will all go as a reel in our mind and thus when we talk also same things comes to the mind and we say that and that would click exactly what others were also thinking. The sixth sense of some persons also work and the thinking would be same. And for some what they thought in their life would happen as it is in reality and that is also really astonishing.

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    It happens sometimes. Sometimes when I a meet a new person for the first time, after taking to him I will get a feeling that I met him earlier. This will give some doubts and finally I ask that person only whether we anytime earlier.

    Sometimes I get a feeling that I discussed the subject with somebody else earlier also. That remembrance makes me talk the same sentences what are coming into my mind at that time. I don't what we have to call it.

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    Yes It has happened with me also and many times I feel Like the whole inceident is repeating itself again and again, and after reading the novel "the alchemist" which talks about such omens it makes me wonder whether it is some form of convaying of some kind of message from supernatural and I am unable to interpret it.
    But the feeling at the moment always leave me astonished and wondering about that particular convesation.

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    It reminds me of my one friend who always criticised me if I am silent in any situation, that I have not narrated the previous one or the after effect of the same because many occasions I would have told the narration in the beginning itself.

    Of late, though I felt, I am not uttering like that due to criticism.

    Also the word from Juana, it is reminded of the film Jumanji where the board of game itself is called as Dejavu and the film will be based on how two small children after experience the old age through the game board and later when they really become adult would have felt the happening as already experienced.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    In my opinion it happens with very one.
    There have been many instances when we feel like we are in the same session of life.
    We are part of very close connective humanity where even same kind or similar kinds of activity we may face.
    Some time we go so deep in any topic which is really not serious but due to repeated lesson of same story we may fall prey to go deepen.
    You may seems someone behaving which seems awkward to us due to the repeated revision of the same.
    It may be due to our deepen concern with one or such another story.

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