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    Clarification regarding double rewards programme on admissions

    On 31st March, 2017, a double rewards programme on articles relating to admissions has been over. I submitted 4 articles on admissions, all of which have been evaluated. Now, I would like to know about the double rewards programme. Exactly what is double reward? Will a participant receive additional cash credit only, or both (additional) cash credit and points credit?

    I would also like to know whether cash credit and/or points credit has/have been credited to the participants? If yes, then against which item (in the scoreboard), it is being reflected?

    Editors/Senior Members may kindly explain the issue in details.
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    Till now I have not received any clarification from any Editor or from any Senior Member. I again request to let me know the answer to the questions mentioned above.
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    Partha, isn't the statement 'The Webmasters are offering double for every article submitted on the topic 'Educational loans in India' in this announcement thread quite clear? You will receive a double!
    The program was closed just yesterday and credits will be announced in due course. Please be patient!

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    I am answering this based solely on my experience.

    You receive double the cash that you earn for every article. An article that earned Rs.30 would receive an additional Rs.30. However, this will not reflect on the article. On the article page, the money will continue to show as Rs.30.

    Your points are not doubled. If you receive 30 points for an article, the same does not become 60 and then subsequently 120 for calculation of the Revenue Share Bonus. The points earned remain the same, and are doubled for the purpose of revenue share.

    The cash earned under the 'Double Bonus' gets credited into your account under a heading as illustrated below -

    Contests : Rs xxxx.00 (Double rewards offer-CBSE schools- Article contest) Details

    The same should reflect in the 'Gifts & Awards' page on your profile.

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    Sincere thanks to Ms. Juana for clarifying each and every query raised by me.

    Mr. Ganesh: I expect to-the-point answer from a Senior Editor like you! Why do you take everything as a criticism?

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    'The Webmasters are offering double for every article submitted on the topic 'Educational loans in India'.
    "you will receive double!"

    Can you please explain how the above statements answer the doubts raised by the author? I think it is a legitimate doubt.

    Also, the query is about another double reward programme. There is an announcement asking members to check verify earnings. It is by the Admin, and is sitting on the first page of the Forum.

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    Juana, thanks for the clarification! Glad that you got it right. And, Partha, sorry if I got you wrong!
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    The thread which Ms. Juana has mentioned in her earlier reply has now been updated. Editors may now lock this thread as I have received the reply. Thanks again to Ms. Juana.
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    Why so parsimonious with words when it comes to an apology?

    "…sorry 'IF' I got you wrong!".


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