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    Do you like to discuss with like minded people?

    Generally we discuss various matters with our friends and relatives when ever we meet them.

    Some of these people are like minded and we enjoy discussing with them while others are not so and they will start arguing on one pretext or other. We do not like such people and either unnecessary fall in the argument trap or avoid and ignore them.

    What is your opinion on this?
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    Normally we behave with those who sync with our thoughts and agree with our view points. That is the reason being so when we meet scores of people daily we wont open up with all. With some we just say hello and keep quiet. With some we may reveal some jokes and discuss current situations in the country and the society. But with those very close with us we even discuss personal problems and they also discuss their problem with us. Therefore we cannot reveal everything to everyone and only selective people are eligible for that. Even ISC we may not be comfortable with some members and friendly with many.
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    It is always a pleasure to discuss with like minded people. They can always think i in the same way and their wavelengths also match. So a useful discussion will take place when we think that the other person also thinks like us. We always take their comments positively. Generally like minded people will become friends.We may be working with many people, they all will not be our friends and they will be our colleagues only. After sometime of working some from our colleagues will become friends because of similar nature.

    We should have clarity on this. We should not discuss certain things but we can discuss with our friends.

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    I don't know whether I am self centered. I never prefer to discuss with people even though they appear to be like minded. According to me, certain things are to be discussed with very few within a family and we need not share all the things with everybody. It sometimes prevents you to take decisions on your own and things may get delayed due to overindulgence of many. Further, in a society, you have to move on with everyone to prevail a congenial atmosphere and the division like - like minded or otherwise further enhances a barrier in our social fabric.

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