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    When we are desperately waiting for a thing to happen and it gets on postpones. How will you react ?

    We the common people are not that rich to have the wants of big things to happen and get happiness over it. We are all accustomed to small favors and if that happens to our thinking level and that too in given time we feel like in flying situation. At the same time even small things which were purported to have happened before itself keep on postpones for no reasons beyond our thinking capacity, in that case what will be your reaction ? Will you resign from that wants, or still wait for thing to happen with luck factor attached to it ?
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    Human life and it's activities are governed by hope and expectations. Sometimes we get success in our endeavours while there are times when we fail in achieving our objective and feel demoralized or demotivated.

    These ups and downs are there in the journey of life and we should take them sportingly. After each failure we must stand up and struggle and do our efforts with more zeal and vigour which will rekindle a new hope in us and as is said that if hopes are based on hard work there is always a sunrise ahead.

    Human mind and body are having immense potential and if properly channelized they can give miraculous and successful results. Only thing is in between some setbacks will be there which are to be taken as part of the game.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I agree with the author that we keep small expectation as a common man. When things turn up opposite than as expected we felt very dishearten for that. In my case I would certainly feel like freaking out. Having faith is the most important thing along with patience. Apart from that, as a common man, we can't do anythin.

    Have faith and nothing will keep you apart.

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    It is human tendency to expect something to happen in some period of time.We wait for it to happen within that time. Many times it goes as per our expectations. But sometimes it may take more time or get postponed to unknown period. In such case we be a little unhappy. Nothing wrong in that feeling.

    In such case we have to review the work we have put in. If we feel some where we have committed a mistake, let us correct it and see that it will not happen again and again.
    There is a saying, if you taste once failure, you will better understand the sweetness of success. Another saying is " failures are the stepping stones of success".

    When there is a failure, make use of that occasion to understand the reasons for failure and learn a lesson. We will never do the same mistake.

    So never stop working on attaining your goals. God is there to help us. Put in all our energies for success

    always confident

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