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    Do non-vegetarian eaters human body sweats more than vegetarian eaters?

    As sweat from our body is excreted whenever we usually give some stress to our body either doing Physical exercise or work e.t.c as we often see eating habit is also directly proportional to the sweat excreted from our body.The spicy food, non-vegetarian food result the outcome of more sweat excretion from our body.Is it true the non-vegetarian eaters are more sweat excretions than vegetarian eaters?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question......
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    Yes I have also noticed that those who are the regular non-vegetarian food eaters, they do sweat a lot and come summer their health would be horrible. Surely non-vegetarian foods has such properties in the menu which are bound to ignite the sweat glands and that could be visible physically. And those who eat Non-veg during the day, they cannot of think of work after lunch and thus they are forced to take rest for the whole day. Moreover when the power goes off in the afternoon, we could see their uneasiness which cannot be compared nor narrated. Whereas Vegetarian eaters would be normal and cheerful the whole day.
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    When we exercise our body gets heated up and the body system starts pushing out sweat through the pores of our skin and this sweat evaporates in the atmosphere and body is cooled down.  This is a type of thermostat in our body for regulating the temperature.

    Some of this sweat is sticked to the skin surface and comes in contact with bacteria which are generally present on our skin surface. 

    The sweat fluid and bacteria are combined and produce the characteristic body order. Depending on various factors like genetics,  huygens,  type of food one eats etc  the smell is generated.

    It is difficult to generalize and say that non veg food is only responsible for bad odour. 

    However a study from Charles University in the Czech Republic has found that heavy meat-eating can make our sweat smell worse.

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    I do not agree that non-vegetarian sweats more. I am mixed with both and it is not that I eat daily non-vegetarian food. I am very selective, I eat eggs/chicken and selective fish. But yes, I do sweat a lot. If I go out in hot weather, or if I do any exercise even walking makes me sweat. I do not go into deep as why I sweat a lot. I can only say that I drink lots of water.

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    Metabolic activities when eating fleshy food or spicy food will generate more sweat in the body....
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    This is certainly true- You smell like what you eat. Well that holds true for onions,garlics,fish etc..; I've also heard that red-meat also make you smell bad. Red meat is mostly from beef,pork.etc..;
    White meat, that is exclusion of meat of mammals, have produced no such effect.
    I have seen some non-vegetarian friends of mine sweat a lot, while I'm not all that sweaty. But I think it's mainly because of their genes or metabolism than their diet.
    Highly fatty food makes you perspire more. But not all meats are high in fat. So I see no reason to assert that meat-eaters would sweat more.

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