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    Blessings are very important for us

    Blessings are very important for us.These have powers to bring peace and harmony in one's life.They form good rays of light around us.From ancient times blessings were understood source of powers and victories.The kings took the blessings of their Gurus before going on a venture.The soldiers took the blessings of elders ,when they started to fight a battle.On the other hand curses play also a great role.The curse of Shrawan Kumar's parents brought sorrows in king Dasarath's life.
    Getting blessing ,we should regard elders whole heartily.
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    Blessings are an integral part of our culture.  It is something which can not be seen but the effect can be felt and enjoyed.

    Though any one can give blessings to any one,  in our culture blessings from Guru,  Elder,  Saint and Priest are of utmost importance as they are spiritually  at a higher level and their blessings are supposed to be emanating from powerful sources.

    Any way speaking from a scientific point of view,  blessings are nothing but a psychological effect on the recipient who feels that some supernatural power has been bestowed on him and he starts feeling it and under that impulse starts his work enthusiastically. The recipient  thinks that he is working so enthusiastically  because of the blessings.

    Whatever way we try to explain and understand the mystery of blessings,  it is just present there and flourishing many lifes.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Very well said. Ms. Indu Singh. Always blessings from elders are necessary to have positive thoughts and attain success. One should respect elders always to get their blessings. In our tradition we do pranam to the elders present at the time of starting any new project or work. We pray God for his best wishes and guidance.

    When any elders visit our house we should be a good host to them and treat them respectfully and ask for their blessings by saluting them when they are leaving our house. On any day of festival, puja day or birthday it is our custom to offer prayers to God and respecting the elders in the house by saluting them and take their blessings.

    If many people cursing us is not good. We should behave in such a way that we will not harm anybody. Unnecessarily cursing somebody is not good.

    Another way of respecting elders is helping them in their needs and see that they are happy. If any elderly person is on walk, if we give him a lift it is a respect for him. Definitely he will bless us.
    Sometimes the elder people will be going on telling the same thing again and again. This is because of their age. Younger people will get irritated and shout at them. I feel we should not do that, if we can attend the work do it . Otherwise see that it will be done. Keep quiet but don't shout on them. We will also do the same thing as we grow old.

    always confident

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    I read in one book that there are some angels who are roaming in the sky by saying just thadhasthu which means let it be so. Because of that many times we get success and problems when we got blessed and cursed. So, we should ever utter good words. We should bless others. In scientific management also it has been stressed about the motivation and suitable rewards while getting work through others. Nowadays many persons are not bowing elders by seeking blessings. In cinemas and serials also, when one bows to elders the elders just hold their shoulders as if preventing from their bowing. In olden days in many houses children pay namaskarams to parents immediately on waking up in the morning. It just vanished slowly now.
    Similarly elders should also openly bless them when they bow before them.

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    Yes getting blessings has become the necessity for us when we are attempting a big thing in our life. By blessings we are seeking good wishes from the heart of a person for our well being and performance. Some people may be enemy of us but still bless us and not from their heart. That kind blessing wont work. When Arjun came to Dridharashtra before the commence of Mahabharatha war, he took the blessings of him. But how come a father give blessing to a enemy camp to win his son Duryodhan side. So that blessing was fake. Even in our real life the blessings from our parents are pure and ever important. The blessings from the sister and brother are pure and close to our heart. And the blessings from our close friends who give their life to us are so important and real and that gives us great strength to move forward.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yer I agree with you. Blessings are very important for us. We have taught from childhood to get blessings of our elders. I remember when went to give examination from amma (the very first class from our time) we do salaam (blessings) to our mother, father, grand mother, grand father. We have a habit to start our day with salaams to elders at our home. Salaam is type of blessings. When go out of station we do salaam to our elders to take blessings. Due to blessing s we certainly get success in life.
    So blessings are very important for peace of mind and a successful life.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    By seeing this posting, I just remember ouir Honble PM, he went to his native for getting blessings of his mother when he sworn as PM and on many occasions we read in news that he seeks blessings of his mother on many occasions. without getting blessings from parents if one remember them or do ceremony after their death is just a waste.

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