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Bored with doing the same thing daily? Drive away boredom with active participation in this forum thread!
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    Why some days are really boring?

    Wondered how time should be spent when boredom sets in? Enjoy this fun thread and learn how people find interesting things to do on even on the most boring day!

    I am sure, everyone might have felt this, where some days are cheerful and exciting and there are some days when we feel bored, feel lazy and feel to do nothing.

    This is how my day started: I woke up late, started for office late, reached late to my work place, seeing my co-staff smiling at me cunningly because of my late marking. I ignored it and without saying much (normally I create a laugh everyday whenever I enter my office), I went to my desk. Opened my laptop and replied some important mail. Spoken with some of our clients. It is a daily routine for me. I know I would not let it affect my work, but still from inside, I am having no interest in doing anything.

    I opened another window to see activity in ISC and glued it on the forum section, but I am not able to responsd in any of the new threads. So I thought better to start with my own post. Let's see how I pass my day today.

    How do you behave when such day comes on your way?
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    Really some days will be boring. This is due to not doing exercise on that day morning or nor having a good sleep the night before. On such date we feel like skipping the office or doing work half heartedly. Chances of doing mistakes will be more on that day. Some people feel boring some days if they miss their morning prayer.

    Such days it is better to spend some time with our friends or to watch a good video on TV. This will bring back our energies and we will be in normal mood. Otherwise reading a comedy book will also rejuvenate us and become normal.

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    Yes, Mr. Rao, watching some funny videos and doing the work which you like the most can overcome from this boring this situation. Just now, after lunch I went to my warehouse (which is next door), took out a guitar and did the job in which I am good. Of course playing guitar for 10-15 minutes after the lunch time brought me back and I am feeling better. Music is the best medicine I have with me which cure my almost all the problems without going to the doctor.

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    It's true. Sometimes the day begins with lot of boredom and we can't focus on anything. It may be due to many factors which are influenced by various reasons. At such times, I opt for playing computer games or watching a movie or a comedy show, if luckily telecasted (Preferably Kapil's show).

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    For me every day is good. The same Sun is rising from the east and the same sun is setting from the west. This is happening daily and the dates are changing. What I feel that our attitude matters. Today only one of my neighbor was starting his scooter and was in urgency to reach the office. The scooter wont start in spite of so many kicking. Finally he was murmuring that the day started with bad note and dont know what happens during the day. Such kind of attitude does not work. When you keep the vehicle in front of your house start it once and then ensure that it is working well. In that case every day would be good.
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    There is no question of boredom in my life. I have had no boring days in my life. Whenever I have no work to perform but have time to relax, I simply close my eyes and dream about my future, and at times think about the good past events and laugh it out. So, it would be ideal to dream to come out of the boredom in life.
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    I think boredom is the result of our less interest in upcoming performance. I don't feel boredom in my deeds as I plan to do things differently wherever possible. When we do our simple work with different ways ( scientifically better) our mind loves keep working. For example, I recently bought a book for my upcoming exam preparations. In this book syllabus is categorized as different sections of the exam. I am reading the book not in the order as given (because all topics are totally different) . I am reading it alphabetically. I keep shifting my mind and thus mind doesn't tires, which makes me more energetic.

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    Days aren't cheerful or boring. To be honest days aren't even physical. It is your mind that is set back due to some experience. You can't always be funny and cheerful. A moment of solitude is an absolute necessity to anyone, to understand what one's significance is.
    But I have a trick under the sleeve though, which makes be able to crack jokes and remain cool in even the most gravest of times. As soon as you get ready to set out of your house, ritually do something stupid or embarrassing. Like,try to catch a chewing with your mouth while tossing it in air, or just run for some distance, or just talk with a child. These seemingly meaningless activities will fill you with all the positive energy you need. With such an enthusiasm you are bound not to be boring. And mind it, enthusiasm is highly contagious. Soon your whole group will be laughing and jeering.

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    Depending on the mood, health, achievements, setbacks, social relations and things like that a person enjoys or remains dull in a particular time. It is very difficult to predict when one will be happy and when not. The mood changing is a complicated process and once changed to a melancholy stage it lingers in that phase for quite some time making you inactive and dull during those hours.

    Yes it happens often with some people while some are lucky to have very occasional bouts of these lows.

    Some people come out of these undesirable times quickly while some remain there for some more time wishing for their cheerfulness state.

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    Everyone is busy out handling his daily life work but there may be days when we feel very low at work even with we are very fascinated.
    Boredom is looks like part of our life.
    I have feel personally the work for which i do very hard work even after some time i feel its taking away my energy it would be better if i could have join another one but again another day i automatically energize and work with same energy.
    Some time life become so bore like we are nothing and we must give up all our progressive work and shall maintain only motto of peaceful life there is no use in work we are indulge with.
    The main concise of this happening in my is nothing but its like new zone of positive energy accumulating after small span of day work where we asses ourself and the very next day start with new power.

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