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    Your work can make a change for the better world.

    The best part of your work could be the one you get to have a chance to see the effect your work could bring to some people in much a positive, frenetic or even an overwhelming way. Let me give an example of this. There was a photographer who went to one of the remotest parts of the world and met there some tribal people. Those people never had seen the photographs of their own. When they saw their own snapshots the reactions and expressions were priceless. The photographer captured their reactions and shared them with the world. When you look at the photographs then you would notice how somebody's work can bring smiles to other's faces. You could feel those vibes of achievement even when you are not a photographer. So I just wonder that what if I could think about having a contribution through my work to the world.
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    We are working for ourselves, for our goals, for our career and things like that. We may appear as selfish to others. Most of us are like that.

    The author has raised a very pertinent thread mentioning what we can do to bring some cheerfulness or happiness in other people's life.

    Whatever our work may be we can always combine it for giving another person an opportunity to be happy. There are people in this world who have not got any education, who are very poor, who are handicapped - all of them are waiting for some person coming for a while in their life and making them happy by simple talks or gestures or acts of friendliness. We don't need these people but they need us. So one person can not amuse all those there sitting in their isolated environment but if all those who are well off and financially in a comfort zone can spare their time and just meet or address these people the world will become a lovely place.

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    Nice thread to discuss about. Some times we work for someone else and end up giving immense satisfaction to them irrespective of the fact not know to us before hand. In those days the villagers does not know about pants and bell bottom pants were famous. My father used to say that when his friends wore such pant and came to village for the first time after joining government job, there used to be queue in front of the village house to have the glimpse of those person wearing bell bottom pant. Villagers normally wear dhothi or lungi and they are not aware of pants and this is new fashion for them. The smile in the faces and their happiness cannot be measured.
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    As an Individual we all will have our own responsibilities and needs. We all work for that and we see that we are happy and our family is happy. Nothing wrong in that. In this pursuit if we are not harming any body or cheating anybody, that itself is a great help to the society. Now a days we are seeing many people cheating the public in many ways and making money.

    Milk packets are getting contaminated, Rice is getting mixed up with small small stones and plastic rice. Whatever we get in the market is not of sure quality. Is it not harming the society. If we can fight out these kinds of evils that will be a great help to the society and we can feel that we have contributed for betterment of the world. But If you ask me I don't no know how to do it.

    People who are earning good and having surplus can donate a part of that to a poor child for clothes or books or school fees, that will be a good help to the child and we also feel that we are also doing something good to the society. I pay Rs.3000/- for one child studying in primary school towards his school fee and books

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