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    According to you which Indian Prime minister has impressed you more and why.

    Let's go back to Indian history and discuss something important.

    Our current Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi is the 15th Prime minister of India. We do have some great names in Indian Politics who once were the PM of India. However, if we leave Mr. Modi in the PM list, which other PM of India has impressed you so much? Please post your response with the reason as why you think so.

    As for me, Since I started understanding Indian Politics. I have read so much about our one of the PM Lal Bahadur Shashtri. His simplicity and honest life is what has impressed me more than anything.

    What about you?
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    Every Indian surely will have an idea about their Prime Ministers including those who served the nation before his birth, whether by reading books or other mode. So, we can have our own derivations and analysis by reading or by experience and I don't think it is necessary to make the present Prime Minister a part from all his predecessors. But we can analyse his performance only after his tenure.

    What ever be the reason, Rajiv Gandhi was the youngest serving Indian Prime Minister and my vote goes for him. He laid the foundation for liberalisation of our economy and his vision for India to move forward towards 21 century was remarkable and he pioneered the nation in the fields of Telecommunication and computerization. Though his party emerged as a single largest party in 1989, he preferred to sit in the opposition rather than trying to form a coalition Government. He behaved in a dignified way and never appeared to have heckled any leader of the opposition. He was a thorough gentleman but not a politician.


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    I always admire Sri. Lal Bahadur Shastri as the best Prime Minister. (The present Prime Minister Mr. Modi is left out). Mr.Shastri was the Prime Minister for only a few moths over two years. But the way in which he led the Government is amazing. He lived a very simple life. By the time he died he don't even had a new house. His bank balance is almost zero. He acted very bravely against Pakistan. He was responsible for the slogan Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan.
    He never encouraged his heirs to come into politics. When he was a railway minister, there was a big rail accident. He has taken that as his failure and resigned. After resigning he had not even used Government Car to go back to home. Such is the honesty and simplicity of the legend. Unfortunately for him and for this country he was killed in Tashkent when he was there to sign an agreement with Pakistan. It is impossible to see such a leader in these days.
    He was born on 2nd October, the same date of Mahatma Gandhi. Many of the younger generation don't know about his birth date as it is the birthday of Gandhiji.

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    Well I was very much impressed with the candidature of Indira Gandhi as the powerful PM of India then. She used to have total control over the party, the dissidence was bare minimum and the spokespersons use to tell the media in guarded way. After her I could see a performing PM in the seat from Narender Modi. He has become more famous for two reasons. That he is innovative in his ideas and connects to the people through social media instantly. Such is the connection of PMO and our PM that those who are having social media accounts are easily connected to our PM and he even sends wishes on our birthdays. Never seen such a PM before.
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    Simplicity, boldness and a will to serve the country selflessly were the prime qualities of late Lal Bahadur Sastri. Though as a prime minister, his tenure was very short but the ways how he handled the situations was remarkable. Pakistan underestimated the strength of our countrymen and launched a war in 1965 but a befitting reply was given and ultimately we could show our resilient strength under the leadership of late Sastrijee.
    His mission was to uplift the standard of the common people and he formulated many policies for the welfare of peasants. He insisted on observing a fast one time in a week to solve the food - shortage. Such decision reflected his boldness. Unfortunately, he met with his tragic end in Januaru 1966 prior to finalisation of Taskond - agreement.
    He did not add any bank - balance nor did he own his car even though he enjoyed the Primeministership. To sum up, he was man of principle having highest order of thinking though simple in temperament.

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    More importantly Shastri ji was from a poor family. I read his story that he used to go to school after swimming the river when other students used to go by small boat. In freedom struggle he gave country a top place than his family. He became PM in a very crunch situation when we were struggling to get over the war with China and soon involved with the war with Pakistan during he was PM. He was all over with Indian army.

    One incident says that when our army was waiting for the order and they ask the PM what to do. The PM Shastri said, "you stay in border, u know better than me what to do in such situations."
    I don't know how long this true but seeing his nature I am sure the small height person had a tall heart.

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    My first salute to Pandit JawaharlalNehru the first Prime Minister of India. We are seeing the India in its original form now. It was not possible without the vision of Mr. Nehru who has done his best for the development of our nation. Then I vote for his daughter Mrs. Indira Gandhi the iron lady of India who effectively managed, and had a war with Pakistan. Finally, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi who brought changes. Without him, we would be lacking in advancement and technology.
    Though I vote for LalBahadur Sastri who was a thorough shot height gentleman lead a simple life, he short lived and departed from this world.
    Mr. Modi has not done anything much except demonetization. His dreams need to be made true. How far he will succeed as a Prime Minister is yet to be seen and understood. No doubt, he is a good orator and can roar like a lion. The result will be seen after his 5 years term as Indian Prime Minister.

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