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    Is it good that everybody is getting addicted to cell phones.

    In earlier days phones are used for passing on the information. Only landlines were there. We have to book a call to talk to long distances and wait for the operator to give the connection. Later on as an improvement STD and ISD calls have come. Then the era of cell phones. Now it is the turn of smart phones. Every one is having at least one cell phone. They spend lot of time on the phone. Even in the houses everybody will sit together but with their individual cellphones. Sometimes I feel frustrated to see all sitting but not talking with each other.

    Do you think this kind of addiction is good.
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    Previously I used to read a weekly or a novel while travelling but now I use to browse the net or checking the WhatsApp messages during the journey. A change in myself would be an example to say how we got addicted to Cell phones. Wait is not a costly one these days, as we see people texting or hearing to music or some thingelse with their Mobile phone at Airport or Rly station or elsewhere. Even at shoppe, wife and children would be busy in selecting their cloths while the Hubby is busy with his mobile. Tha's the trend today!

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    Yes I am also feeling that every one is busy with their cell phones and the discussions within the family is slowly loosing importance and if persistence demand is made to have a talk, messaging is done to wait for some time. Such is the situation. Only Yesterday evening when we are about to go to bed, I switched off the tv and wants every one to go to bed so as to wake up early in the morning. But my wife, my son and my daughter all of them are busy in the social messaging and they wont heed. I got annoyed and just switched off the fan and lights. They understood my annoying and everyone went to bed.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We can't avoid such situation, everywhere we can see people are glued with their smartphones. The way mobile phones have become an important part of our life, it is difficult to spent a day without it. What not we have in mobile. Just few years back, mobile phones were used for only calling. But, as it grow with other facility like video, music, video calling, chatting app, map etc. the value has gone higher. There were time when only some rich people used to have mobile but now the scenario has changed. Now, any one can own a mobile. It has not only create a comfortable zone around us but become a friend for all time.

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