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    Can I help you, May I help you , How may I help you. Which one is apt ?

    When we are going to a big exhibition or function scattered in a big ground, surely we may not know where to go and how to go. So there would be volunteers who shall help us to locate the right place. In that case what phrase shall they use to denote the board- Can I help you, May I help you, How may I help you. Can I help you is something personal which many may not like. May I help you written on the help desks is the general phrase we normally find. But today I came across another phrase called How may I help you, which I feel very awkward. What do you say ?
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    Really an awkward phrase that won't be helpful to others. "How may I help you?" is a very poor, irrelevant and meaningless English. It could better with 'How can I help you?. Yet it is not a fitting phrase.

    Let me help you....Let us help you.... We can help you. Do you need our help? Would you mind to take our help etc are phrases suggested for use.

    A gentleman willing to help a lady needing a help - He says(In Tamil) "Vungal Ponnana Kaigal Punnaagalama..Uthavikku Varalaama?" (Meaning - Should your golden hands get wounded...Can I come to help you..." What a lovely phrase used to render a helping hand !

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    For me too How may I help you seems to be a digging at the person seeking help and there is a ulterior motive in the phrase.
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    If we think how we may help one, we extend our word may I help,then automatically we can help. Whatever may the phrase, but when we think about helping others our helping tendency is started in its place. Once we think about help it is great. Voluntary helping is always great.

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    It is a common phrase used in the hospitality industry. There is nothing wrong with the wordings. It is all about social graces practised in some industries.
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