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    Story telling through this image. What the bear will do next ?

    I am sharing a lovely image of a bear which accidentally climbed a fallen tree and when it wants to reach the other end, the big uprooted roots made it think twice. Now it cannot go back as some enemy animal has actually chased it. It cannot jump as the height is too much and it cannot take risk of life. And it cannot go forward as the roots are so big there is no scope for the bear to go down. Imagine the situation and give your thoughts as to how the bear would have escaped from the catch 22 situation.
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    If there is a big carnivorous animal at the other end, then the bear has no other alternative except climbing down. While doing so, it will definitely slip, but it would not cause much harm to the bear. On the other hand, if the animal at the other end is small or herbivorous, the bear will definitely go to that end, kill the animal and escape safely.
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    It depends on the enemy animal, its size, strength and fighting efficiency with the bear. The bear will pretend to be dead and would escape. Haven't we heard the story of a boy acting dead and the bear leaving the boy.
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    It is difficult to imagine a bear being trapped on a tree lying on its side. Bears have long, sharp claws which they use for a grip, to climb down trees, such as the one in the image.

    Coming to the question raised here. All creatures either try and escape or put up a fight when their life is in danger. Since the bear finds itself trapped my guess is that it will try and defend itself. Here is what the bear will probably do –

    1. Turn around and face its predator
    2. Stand on its hind legs to appear more menacing
    3. Bare its fangs and claws in an attempt to threaten
    4. Make angry sounds to intimidate its attacker
    5. Charge towards its attacker and battle it out

    The chances of its predator being smaller than the bear are high. How many predators are there in the wild that actually attack bears? My guess is that the bear will overcome its fear and take on its predator and defeat it.

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    I have seen a motivational video about a situation what Partha sir has mentioned a predator behind bear but in that video bear was very younger it was a little different than this photograph but it is definitely one possibility because in that video bear tries to escape from a big lion behind him here is the link to the video ( watch this video this is really wonderful video )

    But leaving that possibility I think the bear is trying to find something in tree shell ( may be honey or something to eat) and suddenly realized some animal is behind it and so it is just checking .

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    Seeing that it's a Grizzly bear, this bear can leap into water, because they're excellent swimmers. By swimming across the water body, bear can escape without even putting a fight.
    But I honestly don't believe that there'd be an animal courageous enough to chase a bear. If it is another bear, then not even swimming away would help. Because both of them are adept at swimming. And fighting in water is difficult and exhausting. So I think the bear might just leap onto it's enemy with all the courage it can muster.

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    The first thing is assessment of the enemy. If the bear is able to assess the enemy properly he will move back and give a fight or dodge the enemy and try to reach to an advantageous position.

    If enemy is powerful, bear has not much choices either he has to jump down in the marsh or water and try to swim away or wait on the tree trunk till night and try to take advantage of dark in confronting the enemy.

    In any case waiting may sometimes resolve the crisis as other animals may be passing through and that may distract the enemy to easier preys and bear may be forgotten.

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    The bear is now in a safe place. The enemy whether powerful or not, there is no chance for enemy to reach there. He can wait there itself till the enemy get vexed and moved out. Then the bear can get out.

    Another situation which can be imagined is. the bear is on the tree. The enemy is waiting near down there. Meanwhile another animal slowly coming towards that place. This has been noticed by the enemy and the enemy started chasing the animal coming that way forgetting about the bear. It has gone long way. Bear is relaxed now, came down happily and gone back to its place.

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    Good encouragement to this thread. The way the members are assuming and presuming gives great reading impact to everyone.
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