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    Do you read newspapers through online or offline?

    Many people do have a habit of reading daily newspapers as at least read the news headlines to know some vital information.In olden days Newspaper is the only vital source of information to know what is happening in the world but today there are many sources of available to know the information like Television, Internet e.t.c.As reading newspaper through online is eco-friendly than a hardcopy of the newspaper but to rotate pages is a bit more difficult than offline.But we can read so many newspapers through online with only paying internet monthly charges.What do you more prefer reading it offline or online?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    I used to have the habit of reading newspaper (offline), but nowadays I don't read daily. Whenever, I get free time I just glance at the important news. Now, E-paper are online available any time, so its become easy to those who missed it offline.

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    I used to have Hindu, Newshunt and Times of India apps. I used to just go through some updates in it.
    I don't read newspapers much. But believe me, Facebook gives me more than enough information about current affairs. Because of this practice of making funny memes about politicians and current affairs, the news has now become more entertaining.
    I try watching news though. You see, visual information retains longer. So watching is always better than studying.

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    I read newspaper online and offline both. But I prefer to read newspaper offline since its very convenient to read newspaper or books in offline mode. Now a days people use digital media like e book reader, news apps etc to read online newspapers or books but I don't like. Though I have a big screen mobile, but to read online is slightly uncomfortable to me.
    To read books or Newspaper offline has a different enjoyment. You can finds any news very easily.
    I generally search latest score and games and sport news on mobile app or on my PC. Sometimes I also use these digital means to read news headlines but to read full story or news I use offline mode.

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    Occassionally, I read newspaper (Nagaland Post) offline. When it comes to Newspaper, most of us, including me, certainly will prefer offline for convinience. Offline reading is best. We could keep information, news and updates for references which is a good source for obtaining information for later use too.

    Reading online is also the option to read and stay update with the latest and trending news on the go. While, I prefer both.

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    To see the headlines on line paper is OK. But to read completely on line is very difficult and I never feel satisfied reading there. I purchase Eenadu and Deccan Chronicle and read them. Other news papers like Times of India and Andhra Jyothi, I see on line.

    I use my smartphone to see latest updates. But it is my habit to spend some time daily reading news papers.

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    I am still in my habit of gluing to the offline paper till I reach the sport section where I just scan and close the newspaper for the day.
    Now as I am using my smartphone for longer times, slowly I am changing my habit of reading news from offline to online and many times I am skipping the hard print.

    Though I am still missing the charm of newspaper in my mobile but eventually I may settle for online.

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    Frankly speaking after the advent of television news channels, there is no need to read the news papers either in print or online. I watch Telugu regional news channel in the morning which carries all the important news that happened last evening till early morning. Then I switch over to Tamil news for updates on what is happening in Tamil Nadu. Finally I will go to English national channels. Especially I am fond of Times now. Now a days NDTV is not giving right and important news as flash. This way I am totally informed about what is happening in India, and the world over.
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    I read the newspaper every day. It is a habit of sorts. My day begins with the newspaper and a cup of coffee. I catch the headlines and generally read what is happening around the world and within the country. I also watch the news on television and search for more information online, on any significant 'Breaking News'. I think it is good to keep abreast with the news.

    I do not subscribe to News for Facebook feeds. I try to maintain Facebook as a media to stay connected with family and friends.

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    Since my childhood I have been reading newpapers. My parents inculcated this habit when I was only 5 years or so! Over the years, this habit has grown and I read two newspapers in print version everyday and many more in online version. I regularly read online newspapers from West Bengal, Pakistan and Bangladesh. [Just now I am reading online newspaper from Bangladesh: Prothom Alo (First Light).]

    This habit has benefitted me a lot throughout my life, in developing my career and to understand various comple issues. My excellent performance in Post-Grauation in International Relations was mainly due to my habit of reading newspapers thoroughly.

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    I mostly like to read newspaper online but seldom also use offline way also.
    In my opinion those who are working and specially youth one who are addicted to internet are using online way of reading news.
    Offline ways is either a trend followed just for formality that we also have newspaper at home or used by older one at family.
    Mostly retired or very aged old person may be seen looking for offline news paper.
    They want updates but either due to non verse with technology or dont like to use the same as they are feel satisfy with the same method.
    Youth one dont have time to look into offline way some time when they are in market put their eyes on offline way but normally they refrain from the same.
    Offline is famous with older one while most yougster are using online method.

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    What do you more prefer reading it offline or online?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
    Ans. It is better to read news paper offline. It has many benefits over online. Online reading is very harmful for eyes and body posture. Due to radiation eye gets irritated and eye sight loss gradually. It expensive also electricity charges and internet charges. All are not net savy and computer trained.

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    Though the online newspapers have come up in all languages, offline has not lost its sheen as on date. Almost everything is accepted as substitute in online but the reading of newspaper through offline is still holds good. It is one kind of best habits ever and when you compare online vs offline, restoration of news in the brain is always in favour of offline (printed version) only.

    I too prefer to read the newspaper through offline mode only than in online. We can't say switching over to online for reading newspaper, is eco-friendly as to read the paper in online one has to use the power and effecting the vision which are also not suggestible compared with eco-friendliness.

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    Comparing to Offline news Online news is eco friendly...
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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