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    Reservation policy in India. Is it as desired.

    After Independence to India, Indian constitution was written. Seeing the condition of some down trodden people and with a good thinking that equal chances to everybody, it was decided to give reservations to some castes and tribes for five years and to review the system. From then on wards
    the reservation system has come to existence. It is almost 70 years of independence. Is there any improvement to those people who are really suffering? My answer to this question is NO. If you see the villages many people don't know about the benefits they were given by the government. Only creamy layer of these castes and tribes are getting the advantages for ever. Is it not to be looked into. I am not against reservations but the way they are implemented is not correct. This system of reservations will never go as long as vote bank politics are there. Your opinion please
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    We the people are against the reservations and want merit to get its due respect and recognition and it is the politicians who are playing spoil sport just to keep their vote bank in tact. Only Yesterday Telangnana CM KCR has said that on 16th this month a special session of TS assembly will be convened to adopt a resolution for change in constitution to provide more reservations to ST, BC , and Minorities. Already SC has ordered the states not to cross over all reservations more than 50 percent. But if the present proposal of TS CM taken into granted, it would touch 69 percent. That means to keep their vote banks in tact they are stealing the quota from the general category and giving the largess as reservation to other castes whom have never demanded. And by doing so in matter of days the general category will become minority soon and who will look after them. Down with reservation policies.
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    Any type of reservation in long run is a cause of confrontation and headache for any Govt. Actually all are the citizens of the country and why to give reservation based on caste, creed, religion etc.

    In fact reservation even to poor people is not warranted. Govt can give them special exemptions in school fees or some basic financial facilities but reserving some posts for them is ridiculous. Such reservation policies might have been made by some leaders for their political benefits but today it has become an avalanche unstoppable by any Govt.

    It is still not too late that Govt should abolish all sorts of reservation based on caste otherwise this will turn into a incurable disease.

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    Reservation means compromising the quality. In Indian Government sector, reservation is not applicable in armed forces and judiciary. In other Government sector, caste-base reservation is there which is totally illogical. If reservation has to remain, it must remain for economically backward people. It should be based on the criterion of income, not on the criterion of caste or community.
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    Yes Mr. Dr. N. V. Srinivasa Rao, I agree with you. Reservation should not be on the basis of caste it must be on the basis of economic conditions. Reservation should be given to poor people of any caste gen, obc, sc or ST.
    I want to raise one more question. Is reservation necessary in India? We can provide a student or a candidate all the facilities which a avail by a general student. He has to compete the competition. No reservation on competition or seats. Government can prepare a poor student by providing all the facilities for the competition. It would be better in my opinion.

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    I think as long as the democratic system exists in our country, the present trend of politics would definitely not allow to even think of decreasing the percentage of reservation within the particular sect.

    Since it is being implemented for the existence of the hypocritical politics, let them continue. But for any recruitment or admissions they can have a separate system for following reserved people one time and the unreserved people one time. Means any recruitment is being done, it can be conducted in two phases: once for reserved category and once for only unreserved category so that some justification could be seen, I feel.

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    What the Indian government started just after independence become a vote bank policy today. Every political party has used it for their own convenience. Even when it not necessary, it has been created just to get votes. It is obvious to help such people those who are poor but the question is do they get really what they deserved? Most of the people in those category don't know about it. Politicians have just used them making fool for just their self promotions. The less we talk about it is better because the cruel truth may not be digested by some people.

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    Agree with Mr. Partha. Politicians playing dirty game for their vote banks. Reservation should stop.
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    Personally, I am a big supporter of reservation policy but not on the current basis in India. My own view is that reservation should not be implemented on the basis of casts or religion. If we adopt reservation on financial and disability basis , then it would be the best policy. But if the reservation policy continues in the same way, I am a big protestor. Yes, it is absolutely true that this policy is being run by the politicians of dirty mindsets, I think base change is a better option.

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