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    Why can’t we display such discipline?

    I was talking to someone who has just returned from Japan and the conversation steered to foreigners and how disciplined they are. What she said was true. I find most foreigners disciplined and respectful.

    I recall being at the Food Court at the Hyderabad Airport. The tables were either dirty with spills or littered with used plates and bottles etcetera. I eventually got someone to clear a table for me. A few tables away sat a group of Asians; they were either Korean or Japanese, I couldn't really tell. After they had finished eating, each one of them took a paper napkin and wiped clean their place. They ensured each crumb was wiped off the table. People all around were just eating and walking away (I would do the same), but these men, not just wiped the table clean, but also picked up their trays and disposed of the stuff.

    When will we learn to clean after ourselves? When will we stop believing that it's below our dignity to do so at a public place?
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    Very important observation made by the author as regards to keeping the things clean by ourselves. In restaurants, the attendants are given the responsibility of keeping the tables clean and it is their expressed duty. There are some food courts which has the self service working style and even in those the cleaning service is done by the food court itself. I was carried away by the mention that the tables are not kept clean in a restaurant and that too in world class airport of Hyderabad. Surely that would have been a err on the part of cleaning boy who forgot to do the service in time. Any way cleaning the tables after eating is something new which even I am coming across. Yes when we can clean our homes after eating why not even at public place. Nice thought and hope every one gives a think on it.
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    Swacht Bharat Abhiyan has been implememting in India as an Hygenic initiative. Our greatest wish is for a hygiene and kinder India. Sure, we long for peace, an end to hunger in India, and so many other overwhelmingly important things.

    But, we should ask ourself, what can make a difference in this very moment? The question had been answered by foriegners. It's a good lesson for us. It is a simple thought.

    It isn't really even difficult and it goes a long way to changing our discipline and attitude as well as those to whom they offer or display this discipline.

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    People of Japan are very highly disciplined. Discipline is rooted in their culture. Moreover Japanese are immensely in love with their culture and wouldn't let go of it. Whereas we Indians just "love" our country. We have long lost our culture. But even hygiene. India comes among the dirtiest countries of the world. In Japan children are taught about discipline and cleanliness from a very young age, but in India schools rant and chant only about grades.
    To keep our country clean we must first keep our minds clean.

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    In Tamilnadu, generally the food is served on banana leaves. The hotel instructs the customers to take away the leaf and dump it in waste bin. " Sappitta pin ilai edukkavum" is the Tamil phrase displayed. Everyone follows it sincerely without any hesitation. Similarly, if the hotels can serve excellent food and request the customers to clean the table (provide the essentials), I am sure we might become Japanese too.
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    Very nice and keen observation of the author about the foreigners about their discipline. I too surprised to hear about the uncleanliness of the tables at one of the world famous airports. Coming to the point of discipline of the Asian countries' people, that must have been imbibed as part of their culture. Culture and traditions are definitely one would follow in generally, wherever they exist.

    As far as our part i.e. Indians, if it is to be done at hook or crook we would definitely follow. Our system has not learnt us to do so. We may not be discipline in that particular area as author said when compared to Asian people but I am sure we may be rich in discipline in some other areas when compared to any other countries like traditional dress code particularly women, etc.

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    Indians should learn many things with respect to house keeping and cleanliness. Indians are very good in keeping their house very clean but they never bother about outside the house. They bring all the waste from the house and dump on the road. One good thing in Hyderabad, the municipal authorities have given dustbins to each family for keeping the waste and collectors are collecting the waste. Even then when we go out we see the waste in many places. Another important point is people go for urination on the roads. Even in metros like Hyderabad it is noticed. These habits are to be stopped. Then we can think of cleaning the tables in the restaurants. As mentioned by Mr. Mohan in many restaurants boys will be there for doing these works. If everybody starts cleaning the tables these boys will loose their jobs. However it is good that we can clean the places where we eat.

    There are many such things we have to follow for swatch Bharat mission. People travelling in cars opens the window and just throws the bottle on the road. People should understand the importance of the cleanliness and contribute positively for this.

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    What has this got to do with culture? This is discipline and has more to do with social values.

    In any case, culturally our jobs were defined. Our culture prescribes people from different castes to different jobs. In that way, we are still following our culture. Why should an educated, well-to-do individual do a menial job, when there is someone else detailed for it – that is the culture that is ingrained in us!

    And I am no different. But, yes we need to reflect on this.

    It is this attitude that percolates down and we find everyone littering because we know that the 'safai Karam Chari' or the cleaning boy at the restaurant are there to clean up after us.

    Can we not ensure that we clean the mess we create – is it too much to do? It is all about disciplining ourselves and not looking at such activities as being below our dignity. We have this pseudo air of 'class' about us that we need to chuck.

    To think the cleaning boy will lose his job so we must ensure that we leave the table dirty is just an excuse to not clean up.

    The Food Court I mentioned is near the parking lot/pre-booked taxi stand, as you go down the ramp. It is always crowded. The inside of the Airport is of course spotlessly clean and very impressive. It is definitely one of the best Airports in India.

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