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    Numerology Or Astrology

    India is a country of many superstitious activities that takes place every day in some or the other way. Being superstitious is not a bad thing but to believe in something more than beyond a level comes out to be harmful. There are several people, mostly who fear about their future and to find answers to their questions they come across these two things, that is, numerology and astrology. But these two things reveal completely different things about your life. Sometimes, people get very much confused. So according to you which of these two is the best for knowing about our life? Which of these two can give you a correct opinion about your life? Please share your views.
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    Numerology and Astrology are completely different. Firstly we deal with Astrology. It is the science of predicting the future exactly provided the person seeking the information has three basic details. That is date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. These three things would enable to retrieve the almanac of that day and the planet movements at that period can be gauged and predicted with accuracy. The movement of planets in each life has the significance and that would reflect true prediction. The Numerology comes from the astrology. Once the Jathakam, Kundali or Horoscope of a person is drawn, it is easy to locate and specify as to which number is lucky to him and why. So numerology is the branch of astrology and what can be predicted in astrology is more than the numerology in general.
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    I believe in astrology instead of numerology. There are eight planets and some other heavenly bodies in universe and certainly affect our lives.
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    The thread is very interesting as you have raised a valid query.

    If we divide the human knowledge in two parts as follows, we can understand the issue much more correctly.

    1. Scientific knowledge based on research, experiments and physical facts. Examples - Physics, Astronomy, Biology, Geology, Medical Science, Robotics etc.

    2. Other type of knowledge is that which is inherited from our culture, history and mythology. Regarding this we do not know how effective they are as research and experimental back up for same is not available to us.
    Examples - Palmistry, Numerology, Homeopathy, Astrology etc. Some people treat them as science but it is a question of debate. Even there are people who tell that these are unscientific subjects. That is also a debatable statement.

    Anyway your query that which one is better Numerology or Astrology can now be answered. As they belong to same group I do not see any relative merit in them. The subjects in group 2 are more of faith and belief rather than logic.

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    I believe in neither. I don't believe in numerology because all these numbers belong to a random event, such as your birth date. How could you possible have controlled it? I think like this- the choices you make reflects your future.
    I don't believe in astrology because I just can't accept that planets work that way. Planets do exhibit some special properties and effects on earth, but those are completely different from the effects described in astrology.
    But I respect astrologers though. They painstakingly do the math behind these planets' revolution and the Indian panchangams can accurately explain and predict eclipses and various other celestial events. Well that isn't just reserved for ourselves though. Both numerology and astrology were practiced and performed all over the ancient world in different forms. Intrigued by them?Yes I'm. Believe in them? Absolutely no.

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    I believe in Numerology than Astrology. I read a book on Numerology and compared it with the events in my life. It was perfect. I tested to see my career, based on a special calculation. It was accurate. Finally, I have predicted my date of death (DOD) according to Numerology.
    If you remember, I have predicted the important years for our ISCians who posted their year of birth.

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    Both Astrology and Numerology are believed and trusted by many people, but these are not Science. Both the 'logy' are ased on some theories which are not scientifically proved. So, these can't be accepted as Science.

    Although I am a firm believer of Hinduism, I don't have any trust on these two 'logies'.

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    Astrology is based on your year, day and time of birth. If your birth time is accurately noted and if the birth chart is made correctly, the predictions from that will be very accurate. If the astrologer reads your chart properly and assess correctly, predictions will come out correctly.
    Numerology is a form of numbers. generally they will take your birth date only. But not time into account. It is more generalised format. So the predictions can be correct in some cases and may not be correct also.

    Believing or not is the individual's perspective.

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    Frankly speaking I have never gone through deeply in both this subject. Both are interesting and famous. Interestingly, In India, celebrities, businessman or any big names from Bollywood are more into it than a normal people. Both these are totally different from each other and it is totally subjective to people to people. Which one should give a correct information is a kind of tricky question unless one used both of these simultaneously.

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