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    What is your goal at ISC?

    My goal is to earn Diamond membership, win two contest, contribute eight articles and join Goggle Adsense Revenue sharing program through India Study Channel.

    My total points are at the average to hit 2000 points. I'm working to make 10000 points this year before December and complete my addition achievements. However, I'm earning 20 to 30 points regularly.

    Have you own any goals at ISC?
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    I am sure that a determined and hard-working young man like you will definitely fulfill your target within the time-limit set by yourself.

    Personally speaking, I don't have many goals in this platform. I would be happy to remain among the top ten Members on the basis of contribution everyday. But I have myself cut down my contributions in Forum Section, from where I acquire most of my points.

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    You have decided your goal at ISC very clearly, and with your dedication surely you will achieve it.
    But for me, i never decided a goal here. I got ISC when i was googling a topic "Education Medium in Schools of India", I found a interesting GD on this topic . So i have joined it to spend my time in a good way and to enhance my own knowledge by interacting (Virtualy) knowledgeable members of ISC.

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    My goal at ISC is to share my knowledge and experience of engineering concepts, computers- databases, networks, distributed computing, software testing, project management, operating systems etc. , career guidance, studying skills, personality development, placement preparation guidance, ethics at work place etc. This knowledge sharing is focused for the betterment of online community and along with this earn revenue.
    I have moved into ISC from Quora where I have around 16K followers and more than 3K answers on the above mentioned topics.
    My future goal is to contribute more to various sections.
    The journey with ISC has been very fruitful and will continue to be so.

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    My goal at ISC is to share my knowledge of Biology and also want to earn some extra money. I also want to get an approved Google Adsense account through this platform.
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    Well I already reached the height of the ISC ranks and I wish to over take the score of webmaster and be the second to Pramods score. No one can beat the Pramod score and I am happy with my second rank position and I beat webmaster score , I would be happy.
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    My goal is to get educated more from the postings of the site and contribute a little knowledge whatever I had with me for the benefit of others. Many people use some difficult and new words in their postings. But I want to use very common words which will be understood by many without using a dictionary.
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    when i returned to my native place on after my job.
    There was something moving into my mind , which was always questioning me .
    You have to do something different and that by some different way.
    i decided to choose field of journalism together with education.
    I want to bring forward my home town in big platform by creating something new from this remote located village.
    After searching for many such places i found platform like this.
    After this i got firm that now this is the platform working silently but can give somekind of credit to my work I am doing.
    I have desire to give name and fame to my native place so that people can desire and visit my home town.
    I will keep doing my work as and when i will have special time to give away.

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    My goal was to become a Platinum member of ISC and to win some awards and some petty cash. I was successful in achieving it. Now it is time to relax and work peacefully without any tension. Yet I like to remain in limelight by calling a spade a spade, and with some funny activities.
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    Throughout my life, learning a new thing has always pleased me.

    During my initial days at ISC, achieving some personal milestones like being a platinum-level member, seeing my name in the top-ten earners' list motivated me a lot. During my six year association with ISC, seldom did I try to share my knowledge or show of, as interpreted and portrayed by some fellow members for their vested interests. Always I tried to help out fellow members whenever that was possible for me. In the process, I learnt a lot. ISC helped me to look at things with a new perspective. It has never been my nature to be in limelight

    To conclude, my present goal at ISC is to increase my knowledge by learning newer things and to help out wherever I can, without any expectations or any desires or any reciprocation or any animosity or whatsoever!

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    I am glad that some members are still chasing their dreams and goals, while few members had completed their achievement. Just recently, I had have completed one achievement, which, I was longing for years and that is to join Google Adsense program. Now, two more left
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