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    Discussion on whether Indian Railway should be privatized.

    We have been hearing about privatization of India Railway for quite sometime now and some of the related facilities have already been privatized. Let us consider the pros and cons of privatization and discuss whether the government should privatize the railway in India. Join in with your opinion and suggestions.

    Points that support privatization:-

    1. Dirty stations, reckless behavior of railway employees, insecurity around stations, food poisoning, sanitation problem, pick-pocketing, inconvenience to passengers.
    2. Late arrival and departure, lack of sufficient trains, ticket-less travelling etc. that causes loss.
    3. Poor technology, poor maintenance of tracks, outdated signalling systems and accidents.
    4. Bullet trains are available in many countries but department of railways has failed to take measures to implement the facility here.
    5. Private players with their money and technological expertise can bring revolutionary changes.

    Points against privatization:-

    1. Railway is the life line of India. It is the back bone of our public transport system. It is the pride of India.
    2. It is running inside India like veins in human body linking north to south, east to west and each states and districts in India.
    3. Railways is an enterprise with social face and welfare. It provides special facilities for the old, handicapped, military freedom fighters etc.
    4. It is the savior of India. It helps us in tsunami, earthquake, wars and during other disaster management exercises of the government.
    5. Indian railways is making stupendous progress, profit under government. So it should be continued.

    What is your opinion? Should Indian Railway be privatized? If so why, and if not why?
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    Privitisation of railway will definately improve sanitary condition,facilities and will also led to modernaization of railway will prove as a revolutionary step for the development of country.
    But their are many side effects also and which will be there with privitisation
    For eg - it will lead to price rise and hike in cost of every amenity provided by railways.

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    No Indian Railways cannot be privatized. It is the profit making organization of India and nerve center of the country and employing whole lots of people and mind it government has made very much investments since Independence and the private parties who ever want to take over cannot even pay 10 percent of its investment so far. Yes there are problems with Railways as regards to connectivity, punctuality, cleanliness and above all stoppages of trains at important stations. There are every scope to improve the system. Railways has the time table committee which sets in the program as to which train would start at what time and when it will reach. I think this committee is not studying the loop holes in the system and their running time given for each train is approximate and not correct and thus trains are running invariably late. I have seen goods trains getting priority than the express trains some times.
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    No, I am not in favour of privatizing of Railways. It is cheapest form of transportation. Most of the poor people travel through Railways. You can see many people earn their living in trains from station to station. After privatization of Railway it would not be possible for the people to earn their living through railways. It will not be cheapest of transportation further after privatization. So I will not support for the privatization of Railways.
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    Privatisation of Indian railways is very difficult. It is very big establishment having all over India stations. If there is an accident to a train, that area there maybe a problem, but the other places it will be running. Railways are24X7 systems. Come what may, Rails will be running. If a private Organisation has to run, the whole railway can't be handled by a single party. But coordination is very difficult if area wise given to private parties. Now a days I find some improvement in working of railways. Many of them are in time. It the most reliable way of transport. At this point of time trains are the cheapest mode of transportation.

    So privatisation of railways may not be a good move.

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    Privatisation of Indian railways shall definitely effect the Indian economy. Railways does not only the passenger travelling mode, but it has the maximum percentage of freight / goods transport system. If it happens to be under private hands, almost of all industries depending on railways related transport would be in the hands of key runner of railways.

    Railways has the maximum share of employment in the entire Indian Government employment. As such the entire sector would be effected. And of course normal public would also be effected with the game plans of transport / travelling fares. Now it is the cheapest mode of transport for general public. That would be severely effected.

    We have seen so many private airlines have come up and gone due to unstable management of the sector. But the Indian Airlines though it was in serious losses, could come up some how and now in profits. So, for any sector, if it in the hands of the government, it would rise its flag high one day if not today.

    Hence, I would not think of privatisation of Indian Railways at any cost.

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    Seriousness of a business can only be achieved in a private business organization where productivity is the thing to be maximised.

    Indian Railway has tremendous scope for improvement and it can only be performed if it is privatised.

    The only thing which will be affecting the common people is increase of fares.

    Today many people are making their travel plan by train because it is a cheaper type of transport system. There are people who are sometimes just travelling for the fun of it and not due to the necessity. Some people are doing daily up - down from their dwelling place to their duty place very comfortably by train as the train fare are affordable and they need not to hire a house at their duty place. All these facilities and luxuries will be a distant dream if Indian Railway is privatised.

    On the other hand the upper middle and rich class will be immensely benefitted as less crowd and more cleaning will be seen at the stations.

    Today a person can travel in sleeper class in India from one end to other for a train fare of hardly 600 rupees while today a taxi charges around that sum just for a railway station or airport drop. With the proposed change the train fares may increase drastically and as it will affect the common masses the decision for this transformation will be a political one rather a logical one.

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    It should be under govt only but all other kinds of services supposed to be provided by private party only.
    There must be some strict platform for culprit who are guilty of negligence of duty.
    If there is Fatal accident and showing some kinds of negligence of of duty from any person he must be punished exemplary so that other can learn lesson from the same.
    There should be no excuse for guilty one.
    I There is live loss guilty one shall be put on harder and harder duty and there earning must be utalised for affected families only.
    They should not send behind bar inspite of this they must be put on more and more harder duty and 90 % of their earning must be utilized for affected one only.
    Minister is not responsible for same but he is responsible only when he is not making harsher punishment for defaulter one.
    All senior officer those who are responsible they should be order to work on very lowest level so that they can understand the value of humanity.

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    No Indian Railways should not be privatized. Privatization is not the solution of the problems.
    Problems should be addressed by proper planning and policy implementation. As we need income to run our homes likewise india as a nation needs funds to run the country. PSUs and state enterprises are meant to generate income and to provide employment to the masses. If railway/ any other PSU goes for privatization, nation will suffer at both the fronts. We should rejuvenate the ailing PSUs, selling or privatization is not the solution.

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    My view is NO. As the railways is a model employer and the services are wide one it cannot be said that the improvements and betterment could achieved because of the privatisation. It definitely get polluted or ruined the situation into worse than any expected level. We can see this in real sense only when frequently travel in train. I deadly against the sayings of many that about the cleanliness. We can see this only when we involved ourselves in traveling frequently that it has been doing by them regularly. Since the fault of ours is more than their cleaning, how can we expect their cleaning more and more as we do polluting more and more. Many of us not correcting ourselves from the following
    1.throwing wastes on the rails or inside the trains
    2.inserting chocolate papers, popcorn covers into the sides.
    3.Throwing our used water bottles on the rails or inside the compartments or even in the seats while alighting.(are we not able to put the same when we come out)
    4.Not flushing out the toilets after using or washing sinks
    5. In platforms also we are not using dust bins though provided many.
    6.spitting in many places
    7.smoking and throwing unfinished cigarettes.

    By keeping everything in us, we are blaming others and expecting cleanliness perfectly from others. We should think what we do if we are in their position.

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    I feel Indian Railways should not be privatized as it is the most efficient systems that have been a backbone since the independence. There have been lot of improvements with the use of technology in the last two years. The new government has proved that reforms can make Indian Railways a profitable organization. Look at the Tejas train launched today, it is as good as any international railway services. Railways have been the cheapest form of transport to all of us. Privatization is not a one-stop solution to all the problems of PSUs. In a country like India with the kind of load and little infrastructure, Indian Railways has been an outperformer. We have to improve our infrastructure and the number of railways lines. There are no separate tracks for passenger trains and freight trains leading to congestion and delay. Indian Railways is good organization but needs to improve in adopting new technology and implement better management practices in its operations. It is time that Indian Railways should aim at being more effective than being efficient.

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