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    Nurturing of a Plant, a Pet and a Baby

    A man has seeded a plant in the premises of his house on the day of his marriage as it was his marriage gift. He groomed that plant with much care, like watering it daily, keeping the premises of the plant very neatly by cutting the unwanted grass, usage of proper pesticide at appropriate time for its best grooming, etc. It had grown up to a big tree as the years passed by.

    In the meantime, he had a son and he nurtured him also like any other parent, with much attentive care in the areas of his health, wealth, career, ethics, etc. He had also become a worthy guy and settled in a very good position in his career but because of his career, the son had to be distant from him.

    When his son was a child during his early school days, he had a pet as per his son's wish. The man had shown much affection, and nurtured it also by grooming the pet in a well trained manner. He had taken so much pains to nurture it in a proper trained pet.

    It is 30 years of his marriage now...

    Now the man is in a lying position on a village cot under the dark shadow of a big tree in mid summer. He is alone now at his home as his life partner was no more, the son was so far to look at him and the pet had gone away. But still he is happy under the shadow of the tree by watching its big big branches as it is his baby and even no one was with him, he is in the lap of the tree just like a baby in the womb of a mother.

    Here I want to say, nurturing of plant would yield more benefits than any other. What do you say my dear members?
    A creative thread which brings out the importance of nurturing a plant.
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    Really moved by this write up as it says the plight of the many in old age as they tend to long for their children to care but they wont. What is the use of nurturing the children with so much care and getting them what ever they want and making them to achieve what ever success they could achieve and when the time comes to repay their gratitude they would shy away from the scene. But here is the nature which did its duty. By at least giving shade at the fag end of life, the tree has proved better than a son. And by the way we cannot comment on the pet as their life span is very less and we cannot expect more from them. But even in pets there are emotions and bonding which can be seen. Some pets never leave the master when he is sick and they would see that he is attended by others.
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    This is Heart touching lesson for me. There is nothing important than your family or parents happinees in the world. A good child is the one who always care for his parents despite of his job, family or position. We were brought up and raised by our parents so we could take good care for them in their old age.

    And about the tree, I agree with you.

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    It is really a heart touching write up from the author with a deep sense of our life, ethics and human values. When I was going through the lines initially, I thought that the author would end up his story by saying the the pet was taking care in the absence of his family members and he wanted to say that domestic animals are better than any. But it was otherwise. The plant which he seeded on the eve of his first wedding day became a rest place for him at the fag end of his life. What a marvelous thought and the end of the sentence - "he is in the lap of the tree just like a baby in the womb of a mother', truly makes the sense of the thread.


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    A very good write up nicely bringing up the importance of human values, family relations and ethics. Now a days many places we are observing that old parents are left alone and sons are getting settled in a far away place. Of course, the children may be taking care of parents financially but they are not able to spend time with their parents. But what parents want really is children's care during their old age. But unfortunately that is not happening.

    Pets are really very affectionate. But their life time is less and they may pass away before their master.

    But certainly trees are very loyal to the human beings. They are taking what you don't want and giving the essential for your life. They sacrifice their complete life during living and after the death also by giving all its body parts for man kind. So it is wise to bring up a tree. We should make a point that everyone should plant some trees during lifetime. Today we are eating the mangoes of a tree planted by our grandfather.

    always confident

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    I congratulate the author for such a marvellous piece of creative writing showing the importance of plantation and it's benefit.

    Plants are the friends of humans since the begining of human life on earth and we have utilized the various parts of the trees and plants in our daily life so much that life without them is unthinkable.

    Unfortunately we have ruthlessly cut the trees but have not replenished them by regular plantation and today the whole climate had been disturbed and is changing in a strange and threatening ways due to this grave mistake.

    There is still time and if all of us awake to this call we may bring the same greenery back to the mother earth which was there in the past.

    Knowledge is power.

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