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    Information regrading job proccedure

    I am new to this web site . I like to known information regrading how to start and proceed with the working online in this web site.
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    Nikhil, a warm welcome to you to the best educational portal in India! You have now joined a platform where you can learn and share your knowledge as well. Before starting off, please spare some time to read and understand the Posting Guidelines and other Help Topics. Also go through the different sections so that you get to know the basic requirements of this site.

    ISC does in no way encourage posting of copied contents from any source. So, make sure that you post only those contents that are originally written by you. Please pay attention to your grammar and spellings and do not use SMS language. Another point which you need to note as a new member is that you must not respond to forum threads that are ten or more days older and are no longer active.

    Once you understand the basics of this site you can start posting contents in different sections that are open to all. It would be better if you start by responding to new threads in the forum because that would help you better to acquaint yourself with the members as well as the policies of this site. Do feel free to raise a thread in case of any doubt and we all will only be glad to help you out.

    All the best!

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    First of all this is not a job web site nor data based website where in you are paid for the work done. This is a educational site of International repute, with total transparency and whole-fully dedicated to the cause of the students community. That means what ever things affecting the student community can be shared in the form of articles, participating in the forum, raising questions in ask experts section and giving responses as expert in the same section and also share job vacancy information the respective sections would fetch some decent cash credits and that is settled every month through bank transaction. So you are being paid for contributing valuable content in this site. So your contribution should be of your own, meaningful, helpful to the net users and for that cash credits are given to content writing.
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