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    Not getting code for validating email

    I have a friend who wants to become member of ISC but unfortunately he is not getting the code for validating his email. He tried with two different gmail accounts but did not get the code in any of them. Requesting you to please look up to this matter. My friend's email id is .
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    Adarsh Kumar,

    The Webmasters are in the process of resolving this issue as other members too have put in a complaint about non-receipt of the validation code.

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    Before raising a thread for problems and compliants about ISC, please make use of ISC search box. I already have had discussed this issue recently. Registration with Gmail ID is making a problem since you never recieve a validation email from ISC for final verifications.

    The pop up page asking to validate the registered email is quite annoying because you can't start a discussion, post answers in AE section or can contribute in any section unless your email gets verified.

    The Editors should escalate this kind of technical issue at the earliest so that new members can register and start to contribute.

    Meanwhile, you may or ask your friend to change the Gmail ID and register with Microsoft Outlook Email ID Or YAHOO! ID. There is no problem getting the verification link to these addresses.

    Our Webmaster and Tech guys are working on it to resolve this issue ASAP!.

    1. Go to, create your new email ID and register with ISC.

    2. Go to or .com, create a new account and register with ISC.

    There might be a technical glitch or bug for Gmail.

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    John Deo,

    "The Editors should escalate this kind of technical issue at the earliest" - that is exactly what was done & hence my response in this thread clearly states that the Webmasters are trying to resolve the issue. Registration with another email service provider is not necessarily the solution. Registration with gmail is best, keeping in mind a future application for the Google AdSense revenue sharing program when the member becomes eligible for it.

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    I said meanwhile they can go for alternative way. I agree that registering with Gmail is the best and only one to earn revenue shares from Adsense. However, untill the technical issue is fixed members can register with other ESP and can change their email ID to Gmail at later. The same thread had been raised by me a week back and the problem hasn't been sorted out yet.

    I have supporting points for my above respose. Suppose, newbies are genuinely intrigued to join the site and contribute but should they had or have to wait for days, weeks and months waiting to get a validation mail from ISC? Offcourse not! That's the reason why I asked members to opt for other ESP because technical issues are slowly but surely will get fixed but it will take a time. They have to review every lines of codes captiously.

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