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    While driving when we take actions in a jiff, but why we shy away to take actions in time in life ?

    I always get annoyed with those who keep on narrating the various problems in life and for which they could have taken timely decisions and could have come out of the problems with ease. When we drive on road, no one is going to advise us as to how to drive and how to take some actions within seconds to avoid any kind of untoward incidence. But when it comes to taking some extreme actions in life, we think twice or even postpone to take action and thus shy away from the problems which only manifolds to bigger one and thus we are negated to pathetic situations. So in life too take actions immediately without postponing to further dates.
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    A good question posed as title.

    When we drive, we know the consequences that may occur if we do not take quick decisions. There are many books and guidelines which show the cause and effect. So we are almost sure as many of such situations have a precedent cause and effect properly demonstrating the costly consequences and persuading us to take quick actions. Then there is always a sudden reflex action which comes to play in emergency situations sometimes ending in quick action.
    However in life many times we face unique situations. The experience of one may not be applicable to our situation. Then there is always the case of overconfidence in ourselves managing situations. We lose the judgement of the probable consequences also. Thus we fail to take anticipatory remedial actions. We end up reacting post-act.

    While driving has classes where even situations can be stimulated, and opportunity to learn comfortable under someone's guidance and then practice, life does not have a chance to 'rehearse', but there is only straight performance. So we cannot anticipate and also cannot take quick action by reflex.

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    Never compare driving with our life. Driving has very limited known things to apply suddenly and successfully, while life has many unknown things that we cannot apply suddenly. We go to driving school to learn driving but never go to a school to learn to lead a trouble free life. Life is controlled by destiny while driving is controlled by our conscience.
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    Driving can be learned from driving schools and you can practice it. You can't go on first day itself with your car on to the road. You will be taught and trained. Then only you can drive on your own. There are some set of rules to follow. There the refluxes will be fast.

    But in our life we may be facing many hurdles. For every problem there will be a solution but it will not come to your mind spontaneously. Sometimes there may be more than one solution. One has to understand the situation completely and take correct decision. We can't commit a mistake in solving a problem which may create another problem to us.

    So my opinion is our can't be compared with driving and you can't take spontaneous decisions in your life.

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