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    Subsidy policy of government should be reviewed

    This is very important to set a criteria for subsidy. Eligibility rules and regulations are quite a simple that a person who's income is above the poverty line can also get benefit by using his relationship with government offices and politicians. Many developed countries have a fixed policy. Accordingly every people/all citizens get a fixed amount every month. No need of giving subsidy on any thing.
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    Fixed policy can be done in any country even in our country also. But we the people of India are habituated to get some incentives from all the corners even after we get a legalised fixed amount in any sector/ field. Even in our personal front, we take utmost care to our children. We give almost everything whatever they want in a fixed manner. But still they expect beyond that fixed one. For example: children gets a good rank in the exams, they expect a good gift from their parents as motivation.

    Likewise, the subsidies have become like an incentives to the people and they expect from the politicians and from the government. Subsidies can be given in a manner like incentive to motivate the concerned section of people but it should not be a common platform to all.

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    Subsidies are the tools for political parties including BJP Party at State level to garb votes in masses or to create vote banks in their favor. Most of the regional parties spending crores of money on these vote bank policies to make them to survive longer periods in their regime. Actually to supply subsidies for people in A.P. White ration card will be given. This Card holder will get various benefits like subsidized rates in buying commodities like rice, wheat, sugar, oil etc., eligible for various schemes implemented by government like health insurance, opportunity to get into free housing scheme etc. Few days back in news it came 80% of people in A.P. are having this card and only 20% do not have this card. This means 80% of the people in A.P. are very poor with two wheeler s and four wheeler s. . With white card people can get Medical treatment in Corporate hospital and one can get 2 lakhs assistance for any surgery. For this many rich people with Cars are also by some means getting this card. Even political parties also are issuing these ration cards to the supporters of those parties through their leaders. When political parties themselves are encouraging for their votes who will stop this type of corruption?

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    Every political party who wants to come to power will use the subsidy scheme of politics to their best extent and keep the voters happy. But in reality subsidies are give to few and the money is taken back as tax from all and thus when government goes for a subsidy scheme, we must brace up to face the brunt. In this regard I wish to state about the gas subsidy. On the request of PM Modi many surrendered their subsidy to the government but on seeing a surge in gas price in recent past, the people want back their subsidy. That means the government has faulted here. It cannot give free hand to the corporations to decide the pricing which has become spoil sport in recent past. Now the petrol and diesel prices would be reviewed on daily basis and there would be total chaos in future and that is for sure.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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