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    How to join Goggle Adsense revenue share program?

    Dear Members and Editors of ISC,

    Today I have associated my Adsene account with ISC account. The Adsense team has appoved my application instantly upon submitting my application since I already have an Adsense account.
    Adsense Status is pending for review from ISC. How long does it usually takes to get approved by ISC? I am very excited since I will also earn revenue shares from Adsense through ISC like any other members.

    Please, do comments your experiences.
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    It is not is Google (I had seen such word in your earlier other threads and corrected it from our end), try to change it. By the way congrats if AdSense team is reviewed and approved your account.

    If it is Pending status in ISC for the AdSense then nothing to worry, it will be like (IndiaStudyChannel Status: Pending (This will not affect your Ad serving.)) then there is no issue from ISC, you can still earn from AdSense revenue sharing. This status is for all.

    Anticipate your contribution in ISC's different section.

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    Please accept my best wishes for having got the Google Adsense approval and now the ISC approval is pending which shall be done in due course. Now you have to concentrate on creating detailed articles on any subject with lots of substance, good heading, nice summary and with very good understandable body content so that the article becomes instant hit with the net readers. Once you write articles and gets approved, you will know the knack of creating articles and earning money on it and that would pave way for decent earnings through this site. Mind it good articles always fetch good cash credits.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Congratulations on this grand success. Now start serious endeavour to earn substantial amount from Gogle Adsense. So far as ISC is concerned, it will display 'Pending' status, but it would not affect your Adsense revenue.
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    Thank you members and Editor for the clarification. Do we alsn earn a little portion of revenue from Forum and Ask Expert. As of now, I am only contributing in these sections.
    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    Your doubt is answered here:

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