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    No flicker of recognition-no memory!

    Kazi Najrul Islam was a very famous poet and lyricist of Bengal, However, due to some undetected problem, he lost his memory and power of speech in 1944. He remained in this condition from 1944 to 1976 (at the time of his death). He was declared the National Poet of Bangladesh. However, it has been reported that very occasionally when he met some of the visitors, there were flickers of recognition in his eyes. He used to weep and try to convey something in writing.

    Today I was reading a report on the present condition of Atal Bihari Vajpai, the former Prime Minister of India. It is reported that he has lost his power of recognition and speech. However, on his birthday (25th December), his old friends and colleagues Lal Krishna Advani, Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi and some others visit him.

    I was thinking. Can't Vajpai-ji recognise his very old colleagues and friends? Aren't there any flickers of recognition in his eyes? Doesn't he try to convey anything to his friends?

    Who knows!
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    It seems Parkinson disease might have affected former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Losing the memory power is the cause of that disease and the person may want to tell many things, but his systems wont respond and thus he would weeping in silence and that would be great pain for the visitors too. Kazi Najrul also might have gone through this ordeal. Being a poet he might have many things to say to the visitors but again he may not convey everything in writing because of his age. That is very pathetic situation. Our PM Modi should give best medical attention to Atalji and make him to talk. It is possible with good treatment. One thing is sure it is the nature that good people do fade away over the course of time and we have to remember them with their achievements through their past deeds.
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    This thread does contain very important issue to discuss about. But unfortunately, the concerned Editor has totally failed to understand.
    Caution: Explosive. Handle with care.

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    Mr Partha, you say that there is something very important to be discussed in this thread. Could you please elaborate?
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    Let me start from the beginning. I raised this thread yesterday evening. Yesterday I was reading a report of Vajpai-ji's present condition and simultaneously listening to some songs of Najrul ('Najrul-geeti' for Bengalis). Suddenly, I saw the corelation, felt very sorry and spontaneously wrote this thread.

    Today afternoon I suddenly noticed that this thread was locked and point was reduced from 5 to 1. When I raised a thread requesting other Members to comment on the content of the locked thread, this thread was re-opened with full points restored, but with an insulting flag stating that "This thread does not contain very important issue to discuss about". Then I wrote my previous remark (#596046).

    Although I am not supposed to give any explanation regarding issues for discussion, I am going to mention some of the issues which arise from this thread:-
    (a) What happened to Kazi Najrul Islam?
    (b) How and where was he treated?
    (c) What were the symptoms?
    (d) From when Atal Vihari Vajpai has been suffering from this problem?
    (e) Where is he being treated?
    (f) Is the memory totally lost? Or does it come back occasionally?
    (g) How does the mind function under such circumstances? And many other issues.

    However, the editor could not find anything to discuss. Is it my fault?

    Caution: Explosive. Handle with care.

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    Partha, it is not only the editors, I don't think even the members could find anything to discuss. Do you think the points given by you at #596060 call for any discussion. They are just asking for information.

    And please refrain from using capital letters in a bid to sound louder; it doesn't look nice.

    'Not to know is bad; not to wish to know is worse'- African Proverb

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    There is no authentic information about the former Prime Minister's medical condition in the public domain. He had suffered a stroke a few years back, which left him unable to speak. There is no official statement issued by the Government or a Medical Board or immediate family, about his condition. If there is any such report then I am not aware of it.

    Can your information be corroborated? Is your news authentic?

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    Ms. Juana (#596070): I was not mentioning any medical resport on Atal Bihari Vajpai-ji's health condition, I was mentioning some news reports, links of some of which are given below:-


    Caution: Explosive. Handle with care.

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    You initiated a discussion on the medical condition of the ex-Prime Minister. There have to be some medical reports to substantiate your claims. I mentioned that I have seen none. Have you? Don't you think such news should be backed with some reliable information – which is why I brought in medical reports and official statements into the discussion.

    Quora consists of people like you and me. Anyone, can join as a member and begin posting responses. The site is not an authority. I would never quote any of its responses to support any of my views.

    The second link is more credible, as it comes from a reputed publication. However, that too does not mention 'memory loss'. On the contrary, the report quotes an associate stating that "He understands everything, but cannot have a conversation".

    In the view of the above, I think this issue has been exaggerated. This to me is rumour mongering.

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    Ms. Juana: With utmost respect, I did not raise the thread to discuss the medical condition of the former Prime Minister or it does not resort to rumour-mongering. Kindly read the last para of the thread.
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    Are your thoughts in the last paragraph not based on some pieces of information that you read and believed? Weren't these bits of information about the health conditions of the former Prime Minister?

    In your own words, you tried to express deep regret to the present condition "not a flicker of recognition - no memory".

    You may twist your words, but isn't it true that your regret is also based on a medical condition. You can keep refuting it, but your thread was about a condition that has not been reported in the media.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    Ms. Juana: Don't we know anything about the present condition of Vajpai-ji?
    Caution: Explosive. Handle with care.

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