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    Mahabharat- a lesson

    Mahabharat is a teaching of lord krishna. It is the fight between goodness and evil. It teaches us many things to live a proper life. It also gives us energy to fight with evil. So what you think about pandavas and kauravas.
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    From Mahabharath we can learn many lessons. The main lesson being United we win and divided we fall. The Pandavas were united with formidable strength of Lord Krishna in their side and Kauravas were just having Krishna sena which was not enough to win the battle. And those who are witness to the evil happenings and those who side with the evil mongers would also undergo punishment is the lesson we got from Mahabharath. And just for fun one should not play the dice with money, it will lead to serious betting and eventually end with loosing everything. The best lesson for those who plays cards and other betting games. And the ego part is also well dealt. Lord Krishna time and again tamed Arjun not to have the attitude of ego and be normal no doubt he was a best archer. And Finally Dharmam Thalaikakkum. That means Dharma triumphs.
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    What Ramayana and Mahabharatha teach us is this - The ladies are the instrument for a war between the men. Ladies should be careful in their words and deeds. In Ramayana, the war between Lord Sri Ram and King Ravana was due to the mischievous deeds of Surpanaka who wanted to marry Lakshmana. Also Kaikeyi's crooked thought of her son Bharat becoming a King. In Mahabharatha, the war between Pandavas and Gouravas was due to Madam Droupathi who insulted Duryodhana who took revenge to insult Droubathi in the public that lead to Mahabharatha war.

    Both Ramayana and Mahabharatha are war movies.

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    Mahabharatha is the story of Pandavas and Kauravas. They are the sons of brothers. The father of Kauravas Dhritarashtra is blind. But he is having lot of love and affection towards his sons. He never warned them about the misdeeds they are doing. Had he warned them from early childhood they might have become good. Here the lesson we have to learn is we should warn our children also if they are doing mistakes. We can't encourage when they resort to bad practices.

    We should be choosy about our advisors. Pandavas has taken the advice of Lord Krishna. But Duryodhana believed Sakuni. Sakuni is having lot of hatred towards Duryodhana as he made their entire family to get killed except sakuni. He wanted to see the end of Duryodhana. So he made him his believer and gave all wrong advices and seen that all kauravas were killed. He deceived Duryodhana.

    Another point we should note is we should not harm ladies. Duryodhana made Draupadi to cry openly by insulting her in presence of everybody. Her curses acted against Duryodhana and lost his life.

    Like this many points we can make from this epic.

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