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    When we fail to achieve small progress never mind God want to give a big break in our life.

    Some times we pray to the God for even small favors and when it is not granted we get perturbed and even go low. But what I feel that we are being denied for the small favors, we must understand that God wants to help us in a big way and wait for that break. If that kind of attitude is inculcated, then there wont be any regrets on our failures. One thing is sure, without expecting too much , if we keep on doing our work sincerely and with total fairness, God has to oblige and grant boon not because of our performance but for the sheer dedication.
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    Yes Mr. K Mohan, you are right. The God knows better which is the best for us. The God gives us things which are better for us at right time. So when you fail to achieve small since God is planning to give big things in your life.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Mr. Mohan you are correct. we should not worry for small small failures. We should learn from these failures, the reasons for failure and we should not repeat the same mistake again and again. Then when you go for bigger aspects of life definitely success will be yours.
    always confident

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    i am not sure that when we fail in short attempts then we will have big achievements in future. But when we fail in short attempts and if we don't loose hope then surely we will get strength to bear heartbreaks we become strong and that is the biggest achievement one can have in his life. And when someone get this achievement he will be able to get anything in his life.

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    What you all said is absolutely right. But what we fail to see in that moment of failure is that it is a small failure. Any failure big or small does effect us in a negative way, makes us doubt our worth, question our decisions, tests the strength in our faith. It is in that moment that a person is very vulnerable and may find it difficult to find faith.

    In times like those, a little help from people surrounding us counts a lot. Even if we doubt our faith, let us hope we have someone in our life who will remind us of all the good times God gave us, of all the times our prayers were answered, and who can show us that this failure is nothing but a small hurdle in our long way.

    It is very good if we can see all that by ourselves, but we are human and we do err a lot. So lets pray today that we have someone beside us who can restore our faith in that moment when we need it the most.

    I personally believe in "Everything happens for a reason. You may not know it today, but you will definitely know it someday." and am also thankful to God that I am surrounded by people who restored my faith in him when I doubted.

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    Because we should not under estimate the caliber of the God when he wants to help you bountiful then why you ask for small favors ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I dont have any idea about favouring of God in the form of big break.
    I have seen people who are trying to give their best to the society.
    They have even burn themselves completely but nobody is there who can join their hand, reason i find clearly that he has neat and clean policy behind the same.
    I personally doing many useful social work but i found that i am just in loss , here i am not talking about financial status but the quality i want to grow and the cause i want to fight for no one want to come forward to put himself in any kind of problem.
    We are working in the hills of Uttrakhand but find no one like any NGO and other government body who want to assist in any kind of work ,They are creating hurdle for us because we are fighting for the real cause of people.
    God says he reside with people so where is he bytheway.
    I have no real complain and i will keep doing what i have decided.
    but there will be big break or something for any hardworker i dont feel so.
    If you are cunning enough you can make big break easily.

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    Exactly, mohan sir! One vedic scholor told (actually felt sad)in a discourse, that many students succeeded in public o/competitive examinations, declared in newspapers /media persons that they got the first position because of their whole efforts and guidance of their masters but they never expressed their thanks to God and told about their parents. Not only they, everybody forget that our every action is only because of God. I read one story. A civil engineer once he was on the first floor of the building on progress, called the supervisor who was on the ground over his voice. Since he,supervisor could not hear his voice, he throw a ten rupee coin on him. But he just taken the coin and kept in his pocket. Then the engineer took a five hundred rupee note(then)and throw on him by folding into small. That also kept by him in his packet. Thirdly the engineer throw a small stone on his shoulder but the supervisor immediately raised his head up and he reached the engineer. This is similar to our nature towards the God, whenever he give instruction/help through others or offer his grace through monetary help through others we never think of the God but when we face a little problem immediately thinking God.

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    Yes,sincere and hard work always give result.We should n't be worried of failures.Failures make us strong enough to work hard for getting success.Some times failures give us chances to rectify our mistakes for getting success.Failures are the pillars of success.I have met some persons ,who are n't intelligent in student lives,but now they are achieving success in their lives.It is true devotion and dedication give result.Do your the best and leave rest on the will of Lord Almighty.If our efforts are right ,He will give result.
    Service to mankind is service to God.

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