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    What a divine change - Finallly I got it

    Dear members,
    I really wonder. I am constructing a house in my village where there is acute shortage of ground water. Moreover, in this year's abornomal summer heat, most of the wells and borewells have dried up. Yet I wanted to have a borewell near my new house site. I called up a water diviner and he marked a point where water is likely to be abundant, and water can be seen at 30 feet. I arranged to have the drilling done in that point. We expected water at 50 feet. No trace of water except the dust from the drilled rocks. I extended it to 100 feet. No joy. I further extended the drilling upto 150 feet. Alas ! I was lost without any sight of water. I went upto 200. Oh! it was a testing time. Not even a single drop. With a hope I asked them to drill upto 300 feet. OMG. No water..No water. I was utterly disappointed. I said enough and asked them to pack up. I was billed Rs. 24000/- and I paid it sincerely. I thought I have lost my hard earned cash to see no water drop.

    After two days, with a hope to find few litres of water at the bottom of the borewell, I tied a small bucket tied with a long rope of 300 feet and tried to fetch some water. Oh My Good God... I could get the bucket filled after 35 feet. Moreover, the water tasted sweet like river water. So, I have my ground water stock upto 265 feet which will never dry.

    I thanked God for his greatness of making me feel worried for a while and feel blessed for life.

    Members, do you have any such miraculous experience?
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    Yes, it is a big concern when someone building their new house. There were so many question runs in their mind and one of the subject is water. If the water problem get solved everything become easy. My best wishes to Sun for getting sweet water. Good luck to you.

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    I was working in a company as a Manager. After putting up 2 years of my service, there was a difference of opinion with the Managing Director to whom I was reporting. In some of the technical matters he started giving wrong advices to employees. I objected it but still he continued. I was married at that time and had one son of 1 year old. I got upset with his way, I submitted my resignation.No job in the hand. No bank balance. I have to take care of my family.
    As per the appointment letter I have to stay for minimum one month before I leave the company. That means I have only one month time. Myself and My wife were very much worried. I can't go and sit on somebody's head with family.

    After 3 days I received an appointment letter from a company. Almost 8 months back I attended an interview. No communication and during the interview they told me that If I get selected they will inform me in 10 days. So I forgot completely about it. But surprisingly I received appointment letter with high salary and good perks. Really GOD is great.

    always confident

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    This is not surprising at all. After few feet beneath the ground there would be water streams in between the rocks and that would enable seepage of water to the bore point. After you have dug the bore well up to 300 feet which is the great deep, the water from the stone streams might have accumulated. To the best of my knowledge even my house is located in hilly area and we had to go for 290 feet bore. What the bore well expert told us that in summer you may not fetch the water through submersible pump, but if we fix hand pump, we can have the water to certain extent as the air from the hand pump would get the streams of water from all sides to the top.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Mohan,
    The drilling of the bore well lasted for 6 good hours, and there was no sign of a single drop of water. The borewell was full of dust particles of the rock and the area was surrounded by white smoke and dust particles. All felt that it was a useless bore well with no water. It was my luck that I could see the water at 35 feet on the third day. The water diviner was correct with his prediction though it was a temporary worry.

    I am very fortunate to have soft and sweet water while my neighbours have hard water in their bores.

    No life without Sun

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