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    Saga of small happiness and sorrow

    Year: 1977. I don't recall the month. My younger brother and I were in seventh heaven. After lot of cajoling, request and pleading, father finally gave us a good quality football. On the first day, my borther and I played with the ball as much as possible. On the second day, we took our precious possession to our friends for some show off! They appreciated the football and we started playing. Unfortunately, some construction activity was going on just beside our playground and there were some broken glasses and sharp stones in that place. In two hours or so, the ball was punctured beyond repair.

    My brother and I was in trmendous mental agony. We lost our prized possession within two days. Nobody could see our silent cry. We did not have courage (audacity!) to request our parents to purchase another ball.

    Today morning, a young boy of less than ten (definitely from a weak economic background) was going to a nearby Government school. He was playing with a newly purchased tennis ball along with his friends on the road. Suddenly the ball fell in the dirty drain. The boy first wanted to get down to the drain to retrieve the ball, but later dared not to do so in school uniform. He watched the ball floating away. A silent tear came to his eyes.

    I was watching the boy. Suddenly my mind travelled back to 1977. I could clearly see a young boy returning home with his younger brother and a punctured football.
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    I had a similar experience. During my childhood days I used to spend lot of time in my grandparents house. The neighbor's son had a beautiful new shirt. I liked it very much. But it was very costly. My grandparents told me that the shirt was costly and I was too young to wear it. But I requetsed them and finally made them to agree for my demand. The next day we had gone to the shop and purchased the cloth. Tailor stitched the shirt and I happily wore it. Then it had been given to dhobi for washing. After washing he brought it, what he had done I don't know in two or three places it got teared off. The shirt was not useful. You can understand my feelings.
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    Childhood playing and moments cannot be forgotten. Every one has one or the many saga and stories during childhood which cannot be compared nor forgotten. During our childhood we were four brothers and another four friends gang went to the nearby Malkajgiri hill. The hill has steep slopes and slippery beyond control and imagination. Even elders wont dare to go. But we the children always had the inclination and target to climb that hill which was nearly 300 feet from the ground. For us it is Mount Everest in that area. All went well and every one was taking to upper route with so much caution. We were telling the gang not to see backward as there are every chance of getting unbalance and we may fall one after other and just roll down. And that happened. One boy slipped and that made every one to get panic and luckily he got hold to a big rock in between and that saved us.
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