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    Why is copying prohibited in ISC, copying is but natural!

    Copying of text is prohibited in ISC. If you copy text and put it in your thread or content or resource, you will be subjected to an initial warning. If this becomes a regular issue with you, you will be prohibited to post any content in ISC for a stipulated amount of time.
    But this morning a thought came to me. We humans copy other human beings. It is in our nature. We do not learn everything when we are in the mother's womb. We develop reflexes from our habitat and learn things from our surroundings and our guardians. That is why you will see that, when you grow up as an adult your relatives or people close to you, tell you that you are jut like your father or your so and so behavior reminds us of your mother or your aunt etc. The reason behind this is that while growing up few people help you learn various things, be it at home or at school. You see these people everyday around you and that is why you tend to imitate your elders while growing up. The way they shrug their shoulders, they nod their head, walk or talk, you tend imitate such things. That is how you develop your personality.
    This is true in the professional world also. Juniors imitate their managers when they are promoted as managers, actors imitate senior actors, dancer imitate their mentors, we editors imitate the format followed by the senor editors and so on.
    So I feel, copying comes naturally to human beings. Our basic existence is a copy of the DNA possessed by our parents and their ancestors. So we should not be so offended if we see someone copying. What say?
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    It is true that we tend to copy others. But, we do copy things that suits us and try to modify it as per our characteristics. It cannot be said that we copy, but it should be we imitate. Because, in my opinion, the word copying is exact replica. But, what we do is not exact replica, but try to adapt things that suits us and modify it the best according to our personality.
    It is the same way, when writing contents, we are at free to access the quite lot of articles we have on web, we try to take up those contents or phrases, we deem to be true according to our knowledge. The creativity in us tries to establish the contents as per our preference and needs. The creativity in the individuals will be restricted through exactly copying the contents, moreover, this creativity has provided such lot of resources in the net. Without this creativity, if everyone starts copying the contents, we would only have meagre contents to be posted and the same articles/contents would be floating across the web .

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    I wonder if the webmasters will agree with your views.

    Copying is disallowed by every ethical organisation, and ISC is not the only organisation that prohibits copied content.

    In life, our actions and gestures, the way we react to situations, the way we present ourselves is not 100% copied from someone else. All of us have individual personalities. We pick up nuances of life and present them to the world in our own unique way. Our behaviour may remind others of our parents or siblings, but that is something that gets rubbed off onto us, unknowingly. We do not aim at copying others. And even if we do, we cannot be that someone else.

    On ISC copying content verbatim equates to stealing, because the content is copied and published under a new name. Those who copy and pass off someone else's work as their own actually steal someone else's work and publish it under their own name.

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    I simply don't agree with the author.

    If copying would have a human nature, one would not be able to create his/her own style. Then Amitabh Bachchan would not have millennium star, he would have been coying Dilip Kumar all his life. Then the Virendra Sehwag would not have become "Sultan of Multan" because he would have copying Sachin Tendulkar all his life.

    Getting inspire is a different thing and copying is totally different. Once I was very much impressed with a Hindi novel writer who use to write all detective novels. I too tried to write a big story, simply copying his style, after reading my the story, my elder sister said you have just copied someone style of writing, it is just not your own. Everyone start something copying other but is is there real character which comes out later in his/her life and that creates his/her own style.

    Copying is just not a good habit not ethical too, if you give more important to copying, your own style will die soon. The pride you get creating your own content, your own style, you would never get copying others.

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    I would like to point out that today nothing in this world is original. Even we have multiple earths and multiple solar systems. Similarly the structure of human beings internally are same. You may call it a natural duplicate. In fact, our facial structure is also resembled by minimum five people in this world. All these are scientific facts that I am saying. So copying is a natural phenomenon. Since the world is crores of years old, nothing in this world is original now. You can say that the first human being or the first bacterial structure or things that were first of its kind were unique. Rest are duplicate. This is natural and it is not violation.
    Yes, what Juana Mam said is true, copying in websites are a violation. But there is another facet to this. You can copy texts from various sources and that is allowed in many websites, but you must mention the source from where you are copying. I don't know how many members know this.
    But, here I was trying to point out the irony that we are worried about these small small plagiarisms, where copying something is a natural and much bigger phenomena, which is and will be prevailing as long as the universe exists.
    P.S. One author mentioned Amitabh Bachhan, let me tell you a fact. One of his films "Baghban" which was immensely popular is a copy from a Bengali film called "Shesh Parba" and nowhere in the film this information is given or acknowledge.

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    What you term as "small small plagiarisms' are actually unethical practices. They define us, as people. If we look at plagiarism as being a small matter, then aren't we suggesting that it is fine to be dishonest? That it is fine to steal and pass off someone else's work as your own. Even if the whole world is a copy of something else, how can something like stealing from someone, be morally correct? I beg to differ from your view. I do not see plagiarism as a minor issue.

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    Author of this thread : one request, please don't call me as "one author " or "some author" I am very much proud of my name and would like to call by my name. If you find it offensive, please don't bring my content to discuss it and if you do please call me by name. It may be your new style calling someone as "some author" but I don't want to copy it. Hope, the concern editor can understand what I mean.

    Come to the point:

    Doesn't matter if my facial structure is resemble with anyone but I am not copying there character. We are born with human genes so there nothing miracle if we born as human. Everyone has different attitude and temperament, everyone has their own style.

    If we would have living in copied world during human civilization, we would not have reached to Moon or mars, then our identity would have unknown and we would have died in the same world copying others. There would not have any progress in human civilization.

    Have we had TV crores of years? Or do we have internet crores of years back? It all happened because someone trying to invent new, away from copying.

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    What you talked about is imitation, not copying. The copying related to ISC is purely the language writing. Copying someone's thought in its original form is illegal and it would affect the originator. ISC is mainlly concerned about copyright violation. It amounts to stealing someone's possession which is not acceptable. However, there are various techniques to copy and reproduce the contents in a different manner.

    For e.g.
    Joyshree is an excellent ISC editor. - (Original)
    An excellent editor of ISC is Joyshree -( copied and reproduced).

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    I think Sun Sir has summed my thoughts beautifully. Yes, copying is a copyright violation in ISC. But many websites and journals and conferences allow copied content if you give the reference of copy. I think Juana Mam missed this point of mine. She also misunderstood the basic theme of this thread, which stresses on imitation or emulation. Never have I said, stealing is okay. How come stealing someone's possession become same as that of copied text? The analogy drawn is beyond my capabilities to understand. Copying something and claiming that the thing is totally original and one's possession is unethical. If copying is violation, then all the AE answers written in ISC till date should be removed.
    In AE answers whatever one answers is either read from a website or a book. Even if you claim that you have not read it anywhere but heard from someone, then also it is copied. Yet you claim it to be your answer in the AE section and claim good cc for it. But that answer is present in some other website written by someone else. You may claim that you have written in your own text but that is basically reproducing which is another form of copying. No information given can be original as all the information is already present in the websites of the organizations about whom the question is raised.
    I am done with explaining the theme of my thread. If you fail to understand, then I can't help anymore.

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    I beg to differ from the thread author. My every answer in AE which are "music related" is genuine and from my own thoughts. I challenge her if she prove that I have copied it from any other site. Simply shouting and showing as if you are great thinker not going to prove anything.

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    There are facts which cannot be denied but can be repeated as many times as possible. Same is the question and answer in the AE section. It doesn't amount to copyright violation. But there are certain things which is one's own creative thoughts that cannot be copied and posted or pasted. It is mainly applicable to article section.

    You have written many articles on the medicinal values of various things. Members reading it will understand it. the core remains the same. But when it has to be reproduced without calling it copyright violation, one has to change the words and sentences used. It should not be a ditto copy paste or a xerox copy of it.

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    I'll stick to the core theme of your topic which is "why is copying prohibited in ISC?" You went on to expand the same in the first paragraph where you stated "Copying of text is prohibited in ISC. If you copy text and put it in your thread or content or resource, you will be subjected to an initial warning. If this becomes a regular issue with you, you will be prohibited to post any content in ISC for a stipulated amount of time."

    A few threads down the line you suddenly changed your stance and suggest that I misunderstood you and you had all along meant imitation/emulation.

    If I misunderstood you, then can you explain in simple words what "copying prohibited in ISC" means. I fail to understand how the title and the opening paragraph reflect imitation and/or emulation?

    You might not have said it in so many words – but you definitely questioned why copying is not allowed. And to me, that is stealing. I am surprised that you do not see the analogy between copying and stealing. When you copy content and publish it as your own it equals to theft.

    You further suggest that AE responses must be treated as a copyright violation. This is beyond bizarre. To be honest, I am reading your posts and getting the impression that your thoughts are all muddled. There is too much swaying of views. Sorry, ma'am but I seriously think you need a refreshers course in the basics of online content. No offence meant; I speak from my heart. I think you need to get the basics right.

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    Weill in reality we do learn many things from imitating others. We should not say it as copying. Learning from others through their works and putting our effort to give best result cannot amount to copying. Without any effort if you reproduce some thing which as same as the original comes to copying aspect. In life we may imitate others and that is not copying. For example if a dance master wants similar steps from group dancers, they are bound to dance in sync. Now would you rate the synchronized performance of all dancers in one style as the copying ? No way. Like that in ISC too you may take other sources information to bring in new flavor of writing in this site but that should be done with our own thinking ability and cannot copy paste the items as appearing in other sites. Making some difference and present with our own style does not amount to copying.
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