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    The cross roads - can we join both and make a single road

    You have both apples and mongoes before you and you should take only one, you have a black and a blue dress before you and you can take only one. These are very small things. You can take one right now and the other on some other day, but what if your heart wants to go in two different directions at the same time. Two exactly opposite things. My friend wants to be as strong as a warrior at the same time gets moved by a struggling butterfly. She wants to learn archery and at the same time she enjoys music. She is learning music. She wants to leave all relations and go somewhere where she can't find a person she knows and learn everything needed to make her strong. At the same time she can't bare to be away from her friends (us). While all of us have fixed idea as to what we want to be in life she is struggling between these two contrasting personalities in her - a gypsy who doesn't want any social life and dreams of going in her own way and the other is a sensitive charming girl who takes care of everyone around her and waiting for a life long friend who will be with her forever. I understand her feelings but couldn't find a solution. I can't compel her to be like everyone else who have a fixed pattern of life - studies then job then marriage and then dedication of life to family. She is different. She sees a different future but she can't pursue it neither can she stay calm if she can't go in her own way. What will you do if you are in her position.
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    Ah! the decisions of life... unfortunately, we cant have everything in life, we do have to choose at some point and decisions are tough, specially when one has two very different roads to choose from. A lot of compromise will be in order, a lot of things we wanted to do, but now we cant(for any number of reasons).

    If i were that person, i'd take my time to test a few things out, because I may think I like to do some things, but once I practically do it, I may not feel the same. weigh my choices based on what I liked, what felt more like me and then ultimately choose from them. A few i can do today, maybe a few later and some I may never get a chance to do. But then it was my choice, so no regrets. (or maybe just a few regrets to be honest).

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    Wow Aswini, the uncertainties in life and the possibilities that happen with everyone has been shared in a nice manner. Not every one gets what they want. And only some few who aim would achieve certainly. There are luck factors associated with our success too. And those who fail are the more winners because, they know how to tackle such situation in future. By failures we learn more lessons and also gets confidence to challenge next situation. And who always achieved success cannot sustain series of failures and they may even run away from life and that is not the way to deal the life.
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    What your friend missing is confidence. Either she is so innocent or confuse. In these case only a good friend can provide her or remind her power, power in which she is strong. Sometime, we do not know what the best ability we have in us, it is only outsider who can tell you this. You might have seen her and if you are close to her, you can very well know in which she is strong. Accordingly guide her, remember not to force her your opinion. Let her decide after you suggest her.

    Lord Hanuman too used to forget his own power and get confuse, it is his friend or who were surrounded to him, use to remind his actual power. In some way we are all like Hanuman, we forget our inner strength, our actual power and get confuse. This is here a close and great friend can do wonder in someone's life.

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    A friend in need is a friend indeed. As a good friend, you should advise your good friend who is in a dilemma with a confused and suspicious mind whether to choose this or that in life. Such a nature won't help us to progress. We need to come out from the clutches of such doubtful thoughts. Tell your friend that she should be determined to choose the best that suits her. Not to waver her mind. Confusion and suspicion are two dangerous things in life.
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    Life is like that. Many times we are at crossroads and not able to decide which way to go. This indecisiveness is inherent in human beings. Some have less of it while others may have more.

    The people having strong will and focussed directions seldom suffer from this weakness as they are continually moving towards their goal by quickly selecting the right paths.

    On the other hand the weaklings always struggle between this and that and lose a lot of time in deciding their course of action and by that time either the opportunity is lost or it is too late to act.

    If the character in your post belongs to the latter one then she requires a sincere and solid advice to get out of her dilemma. A good friend or an experienced elder can come to rescue at such time.

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    One should have balance emotions. Personality is shaped by good emotions. The main cause of sorrow in life is so much desire. Leave the unwanted and unrealistic one. Take guidance from elders what is right and which is the correct path.
    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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    Alas.. This is reality of life. We all have same phase in our life. We want to achieve everything which we can see or feel. And that phase makes us to realize what do we want exactly. Sometimes we fail to achieve our desires or sometimes we fulfill all of them. But not everyone is that lucky all the times. One who fail in achieving his goals may got upset or fed up with life. At this phase support of good friends and family is necessary for that person. If you are a good friend of her you should help her to come out of this dilemma. You should tell her that she have to make a decision when something is contrary or beyond her control.sometimes its better to go with flow of time.

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