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    Those who under estimated you all along starts praising suddenly with your leap forward. Reaction ?

    In our lives some people are close to us and yet make constant and consistent remarks on us and they would tell on the face that they are your well wisher and hence has the right to chide or even scold for our betterment. But suddenly they start praising about your sudden leap forward in life and that even astonishes you. Have you ever came across such situation in life. Will you care for such persons who have been our strong critic and suddenly turn as good friend on seeing our formidable growth ?
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    I become more careful when someone suddenly start praising. I may be wrong if I say everyone who praise you, have something to get in favour. However, mostly it happens or we see that people want to get close to you because of their self interest. Obviously, if your close friend start praising you suddenly he/she may not have any self interest but might be changing his/her attitude towards her.

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    Close friends should be open with us. They should tell your mistakes openly. They should warn you if you are doing a mistake. They even can shout at you if it is required. They should praise you for your improvements. If we suspect them means they are not your good friends.

    But we can suspect some people who tries to praise you to get their things done. You should recognise them and try to be away from them. They are not your good friends.

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