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    Need of advertisement and misuse of the same

    In marketing, advertisement has an important role to play. The main principle behind an advertisement, according Prof. Kurihara, is reaching the mind directly on its first sight. The same has been told earlier in Tamil poems and there is also a cinema song which goes on to say that one time seeing is equal to thousand times telling (paarvai onre pothume, pallaayiram sol vendumo).
    But nowadays many advertisements are created with a motive to cheat like depicting a small pack as a bigger one, uttering the name of the product/ brand with wrong pronunciation etc. Even in the Patanjali advertisement, they pronounce Patanjali as Pathaanjali.
    Misusing the motive and purpose of advertisements should be avoided by the advertisers and brands.
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    In this competitive world the advertisements have become necessity and must for the corporate companies not only to promote their products but also to retain their existing customers. Now with the advent of Ayurvedic products promoted by Patanjali in big way, the market for Multinationals have gone down. They have also switched to Ayur products and now giving stiff competition to Patanjali. In this context there would be much advertisements to keep us informed. But what Irritates me that same ad is repeated again and again in a serial timing of just 22 minutes. For example the Oppo camera phone ad can be viewed at least 10 times in a serial timing of one episode and that kind of sustained ads of same products only get irritation and not liking of products. And the children are so habituated to sing and say the ads in sync.
    K Mohan
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    You are right Mr. Ramchandran Pattabiraman. Misuse of advertisement should be prevented at any cost. We see many advertisement daily where impossible tasks are shown and our children want to do same things in life and sometimes its very fatal for them.
    There should be a strict government policy and these types of advertisement should not be shown on T.V. Most of the advertise mislead the people and far away from reality.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    In every home the children are most attracted to the ads being played on television. The children in the age group of 1 to 5 years are really attracted by ad jingles and they just glue to the TV sets until all the ads are over and when other content starts, they try to move away from the place. On the contrary parents especially the house wives does not want the children to disturb them while watching serial after ads.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes, ethical practices are necessary, especially in the world of advertisement. For that to happen there has to be a regulatory body that ensures that consumers are not cheated through false claims in advertisements. I know consumers have some sort of redressal option available to them but for that, they have to file a complaint. Action should be taken without the need for a complaint, especially where the ads are misleading.

    Those in the advertising media have a tough job. In a highly competitive market, they have the job to project their product to be better than that of their competitors. They have to ween away consumers from products that they trust (use) to the new product that is being marketed.

    They target the potential consumers through various tactics and most of the times their selling tactics work. They are well-planned marketing strategies.

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    Yes. Nowadays many advertisements are coming on the channels for various products. Advertisement is happening in many ways. Some of the advertisements are misleading. They don't project the actual value of the product, they will try to make it more exaggerated.

    If you see IPL matches, there are some girls dancing whenever there is a six or a four or a wicket. They call them as cheer girls. How this is related to the match I fail to understand. This is only to attract more people to watch the match on ground or on screen.

    Some advertisements instead of giving the positives of their brand they will try to project that the other brands are not good. This kind of advertisements are not to be encouraged.

    It is the marketing strategy that decide on the cost of advertisement. Nowadays the production cost of the product is much less than the cost of advertisement.

    As suggested by Ms. Juana, it is a better idea to have a regulatory body.

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    Today companies are spending lot of money on advertisements. They are trying to impress the people with their clever techniques in which they depict their product much more than it's real worth. Many times the drawbacks of the product go behind the glitter of advertisements.

    There should be some control on the length and repetitiveness of these product bursts in between a serial.

    Big companies are spending a large part of their revenue in advertising rather putting it for research and product development and in long run it will be affecting the quality of the product.

    It is also unfortunate that some people are biased after seeing these advertisements and go for these products blindly. If consumers ignore these advertisements and use their prudence in assessing a product before purchasing then only these comanies will get lesson.

    The world of advertisement has grown as a giant demon and is required to be sized down with proper legislation and control.

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