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    What has deeper approach in our conscience: Physics or History?

    The question might seem strange but it is not. I want to ask basically that being dwellers of the so-called physical world, do we only accept those phenomena as truth which are possible scientifically or miracles have any place in our natural understanding? Have we built our beliefs and understanding to the level that we only believe science proven facts or some illogical facts, especially based on Indian 'History' of which science hasn't been able to give the explanation yet, have some place in our understanding? Because we know that science is always under construction, some facts will always be unveiled. Please think, take your time and suggest what should be our approach?
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    What I feel that Physics and History are inter related and the history can be in books and knowledge with the presence of science as physics. In History we talk about the ability of Kings, their strength in sword fights, the way they steered their army to victory. All these are associated with physics. The law of motion, the law of equilibrium and many such laws. But we always thought above general things which are visible to our naked eyes. But physics is always present in those days, and even today. Without the actions, reactions cannot be possible and thus we cannot separate physics with history. Many kings who want to conquer a certain region fought with other armies and failed in their endeavor and that wont stop them. They tried up teen times and eventually won. This is also physics for us.
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