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    Why is happiness so Elusive?

    I don't exactly know how old he was. By my mother once told me that he is much older than her. He does look quite old. But he loved me a lot. We were a loving family: Me, My sister, and my Papa. However at times, I sin. I felt I had been doing so much for my family so my Papa should had love me more than my sister. Yes, I felt jealous when he was too nice with my little sister.

    I wonder if all siblins face such feelings or am I unique. At times she tries to complain about me. Those were the times when I feel my Papa should had only be listening to me, even if I was wrong. If only my mom had been around, our family would had have been so complete, isn't it? Happiness is so elusive. Even if she come back, our family will always remain incomplete.
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    In a house when brothers and sisters are there , then in fighting is assured on petty matters just to have upper hand in each saying and moves. Parents always have liking for a first child and last child. If the last child happens to be girl, the love and affection is more. Not that your parent wont like you, when it comes to showing more concern to your sister, it may be due to the fact that she is girl and needs to be pruned and attended well. And what I have seen that there is nothing better than bonding between sister and the brother. Sister shows lots of respect to the brother and that is eternal happiness and so elusive.
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    "I felt I had been doing so much for my family so my Papa should had love me more than my sister."

    I feel, your above mentioned thinking is the main problem of all. You are doing so much for your family, it is your duty to do so. And you should feel proud of yourself instead of being jealous. And, jealous with whom, your sister? Who is your life and biggest happiness (If I am not wrong recently you had said something like that in your one of the thread). It is natural to feel jealous and it happens in the family for that you need to talk to your father face to face and solve out this kind of issue.

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    It is our family. If anyone is in difficulty, the other family members should support. What we do to our family is not a favour, it is our duty we are performing. We are here because of our parents and we should help them. Whatever they do is for our betterment only. If you start thinking in these lines I think you will never have such feelings.

    As a son it is your responsibility to take care of your family and help your father. Sister may get married and go elsewhere. You should have more affection towards her.

    However when you are young, it is common to have small small disputes with brothers and sisters. As you grow up this disputes will go and bonding will improve.

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    @Jeets, I Agree with you. That thinking and jealousy was on the past when dad was there with us. Now that he left for heavenly abode, I realise why he love my sister more than me.

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