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    Cry, fight, laugh, enjoy, - be one with the character you see.

    Have you ever cried with the character you see in a movie or any TV program, did you feel like killing the enemy yourself, have you felt the urge to reveal a secret to the character and save him from troubles? If yes, did you try to hide these emotions because you don't want people around you to catch and tease you? You don't have to do that! Yes, you have an awesome ability of stepping into other person's shoes and feel their emotions. You are an empathiser. You are not weak, you are the strongest. Anyone can feel their own emotions but only you can feel other's emotions and make them feel better. So empathisers, pour out your feelings here.
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    Nice thread again from Aswini. When we watch movie or television serials some characters are very dear to us and we cannot tolerate attacks on them either verbal duel or fighting. We feel like punishing the culprit as if we are in that scene. In the on going Chandra Nandini serial, I feel like helping Nandini as she was miss understood by Chandra many a times and thus has to face the punishment for no fault of her. Every king would hear the affected person to say to defend but in this serial that is not seen and thus I get pity over her. Like wise in movies too when the scenes go against our character we feel like getting into act and teach the lesson to the wrong doer..
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    Yes, i cry sometimes when i watch a movie or a serial . When i feel that something bad is going to happen with an innocent character of movie. Like if any girl is going to a deserted road at night and some boys are standing, i start murmuring like "don't go, don't go". But after the scene i couldn't control my laughter that what i was doing before sometime. I knew that it was based on fiction but still i started to advising her. But we all are human and we all have tendency to do so. There is nothing bad if we are crying, laughing according to situations.

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    It is common when we deeply immerse in watching a movie, you will develop a goodwill towards a character. If something bad happens to that character we feel it happened to us. We will get tears in our eyes. I don't watch TV serials but watch movies. When the hero is fighting with the negative character I get emotional and think of shouting loudly. But I can't do it because my wife will be sitting by the side and allowing me not to do that. Recently I watched a Telugu movie by name, Gautamiputra Sri Satakarni. When the lead role got hurt in a fight and getting treated, I have become very emotional and tears started coming from my eyes.
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    A perfect and good human being is he/she who can show the emotions through the Navaras. The nine emotions are
    Love, Laughter, compassion, anger, courage, terror, disgust, surprise, and tranquility. . These are the emotions that human should display according to the situations.

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    Human have many emotions, some could hold it easily some not. I too felt being emotional watching some movie and if not cry, my eyes get moist. Sometime it touches your life indecent or sometime you are too much gone into character to see yourself in it. Both conditions it is easy to find oneself in the flood of emotions, you may laugh openly or cry silently, its all human nature.

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    I am a person who don't try to hold back my emotions. More than characters, I think I get influenced by the particular situations. I laugh it out when I come across a humorous situation and may cry when there is an emotional scene. It may be true that it happens when I connect with a character and travel with them. I can recollect so many scenes in movies which could make me cry. There have been instances when my friends or relatives with whom I had been watching the movie had to console me. I used to feel awkward at times but the outburst used to be so natural that it becomes uncontrollable.

    The author is right that we empathize with others because we try to put ourselves in their shoes. A person who reacts from the heart to particular situations is one who understand the joy and sorrow of others and shares it as if it is their own. This characteristic may backfire at times but it is okay as long as you are happy.

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    I have cried after watching so many serials and movies - I can't even count. When we really like a character in movies and serials and goes through hardships and troubles his/her pain seems to be our owns it is all the magic of that idiot box called television we have in our homes.
    These stories which goes in front of us makes a scene and character so real and lively that it began to feel like all the pain and misery that character is facing are our own.

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