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    Interpret the quote in your own words.

    We all have certain perception for life, for others. I am mentioning one quote related to the thing for judgment where author wants to say something and I request the members to give their views in the quote with instances if applicable. Unleash the philosopher in you. The quote is as follows.

    Quote - easy to judge an outcome,
    but harder it is to accept the outcome of your judgement.
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    Time to time we take dicisions based on our judgement. Sometimes results are as per our expectations and sometimes not. Sometimes we feel proud of our judgements and other times we are totally baffled by the outcome.

    On the other hand it is very easy to judge or comment on the outcome of judgement of others. Everyone becomes wise after the event.

    Knowledge is power.

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    When somebody has done some work and got some output, all others will try to analyse the output and will comment manythings. Everybody will try to say that we might have done it better.

    But when we do something and others are commenting on the judgement or output, we feel bad and it is very difficult to accept the remarks of others. It is easy to comment on other's actions but it is difficult to accept comments of others on our actions.

    A doctor has undergone a surgery. He felt the pain. He was telling to his friend, I have made so many surgeries but I never felt this much pain.

    always confident

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    Most of us are judgemental and thereby we even judge outcome, especially when it is not in our favor or when it does not turn out the way we had decided. Passing statements is very easy. It hardly takes any effort to throw our verdicts on something that is stated. What goes around, comes around is the rule and is as true as the existence of this world is. Now when we have judged an outcome, we have to deal with it. Words which came out of our mouth or thoughts which lingered in our brain regarding outcome are not just the words or thoughts but something which we have created. They are going to come back to us and when we are made to face them, we find it very difficult. In simple words, passing a statement is very easy but when that statement comes back to us then facing it seems extremely difficult. Thus, do not think or say something about others which we do not like to hear from them too.

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