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    Is India a poor country?

    In the past two days, the social media websites like Twitter and Facebook were flooded with many memes and status updates condemning the alleged statement of the Snapchat CEO Mr. Evan Spiegel. An ex-employee of Snapchat claimed that Spiegel, said in a meeting that "the app is only for rich people and he doesn't want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain." Many Indians exploded and showed their anger through #boycottSnapchat tag in Twitter and some people uninstalled Snapchat and have given one star rating to the app. Soon after publishing the alleged statement of Spiegel, the rating of Snapchat app in Google play store faced a huge downfall. But to be frank his less famous app gained some popularity among the Indians after his negative statement.

    What is your opinion about the economic status of India and the alleged statement of Spiegel? Is India really a poor country as said by Evan Spiegel?

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    No. India is not a poor country. India is having a rich populations and rich natural resources. No dearth in any requirement to become a rich country. But unfortunately many Indians are poor and illiterate. The entire wealth is concentrated in some places only. In our country rich wants to make more money for them but they don't want to give or do anything for the upliftment of poor. Because of this imbalance in the society poor are not able to come up. So I always say, India is a rich country but majority of Indians are poor.
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    Probably Snapchat CEO Mr. Evan Spiegel has not visited India. We can show him how many rich people are staying in each cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta, Madras and Hyderabad. For him rich means showing of their wealth in Public. But in India, our rich people conceal the wealth with the fear that they have to pay lots of tax. That is the reason being so the rich in India wont open up and Evan thought we are poor people. Let him come to India and our rich people would throw a grand party in his honor and would offer to buy all his stake holding in various companies including Snapchat.
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    No I do not believe that India is a poor country. Most of the business of international level belong to India.
    It is said that India is a poor country where rich men live.

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    I think Mr CEO do not know that how many big scams we had in our country. Only rich country can do such crores of rupees scams. When hundreds of crores come from Fodder scams, just imagine how much money would have come in other scams. So, I would never say that India is poor.

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