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    The standard of articles

    I have a serious question about the resource section. Why is rubbish being approved? Should there not be some standard maintained? I am not referring to the language part of the content, but the basic information that is being shared. There is so much misleading content being shared and what is worse is that it is getting approved. It is horrifying to see that the content is not from novices, but from celebrated authors who hold key positions in the editorial team. What is happening? Why is/has the standard falling/fallen?

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    I don't think there ever was any limit on publishing a content that does not agree with the widely available scientific knowledge. ISC censors only content from a few categories, due to a few SEO reasons and due to poor quality which might be due to bad language quality, improper HTML and the like.

    Also, since ISC is an open platform and not a scholarly website with authority content, I personally don't see any problem in allowing such content. If we start applying the logic that content based only on scientific knowledge should be allowed then a lot of "desi" articles would have to be deleted like Astrology, Homeopathy, Religion based articles.

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    Let me put it this way. What are we trying to achieve by allowing content that defies logic? Should there be no sense of responsibility in what is accepted for approval? Astrology, homoeopathy, religion etcetera have a basis, they have a history. Should we just be mute spectators and not even question what is happening?

    I do not think asking for intelligent content is asking for too much. All that is posted does not have to be scholarly, but it shouldn't be promoting misinformation either. Am I at liberty to post anything that comes up in my mind - make up content just so it gets published. Yes, we are not qualified to assess the thoroughness of every piece that is published here. But, there are a few things that stand out, should those not be checked?


    We jump on people who provide inaccurate information in the forum. They stand to lose points, have their posts deleted and of course (at times) get rebuked by other members. Switch to the resource section and you actually get paid for doing the same. How fair is that?

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    As far ISC is concerned, they have already laid clear guidelines and rules to post articles and how it should be. There cannot be any direction as to which kind of article should be hoisted. Editors are concerned for authenticity and originality of the text. By the way seasoned members of this site wont share unwanted write ups here. They also know their responsibility and by the way our articles are also gone through our ME too. Therefore I feel that every author has the liberty to chose his own topic, write on own and submit for approval. On the editor part they will verify and approve the same if it is original contribution.
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    What you are suggesting is blatant censorship towards sharing of ideas or thoughts.
    You are right that there should be some kind of check on what is written about but the right way to do that is to counter it by way of another article (where you can link to original content) or through the comments section.
    When such a content is posted in the Forum, we all jump on the author to prove him/her wrong, try to put forward our logic. The same logic applies in Article section, the content should be allowed to be published and it should be countered by way of comments or a counter article.

    Topics mentioned by me have an as strong base as the Flat Earth theory put forward by another member of ISC. Just because there is a history behind Flat Earth theory doesn't make it less nonsensical to try to propagate it in today's time when Space agencies are actually live streaming from satellites showing the shape of the earth.

    Let me just end by saying that at ISC everyone has the freedom to post their ideas and thoughts while remaining within the basic guidelines and it should remain so. We might not like something but that does not mean we should block it outright. New ideas and innovations are many times thought to be as absurd by a majority but censoring them outright is a very dangerous way to handle it.

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    I'm in full agreement with Ankit regarding your questions. Editors are not experts of everything. The general guidelines given to editors is to check if the article "makes sense". They can't really verify the authenticity of everything, point by point. We are expecting authors to do proper research and study before they submit an article.

    However, if you come across an article that talks non-sense or anti-national or something that cause serious threat to the life of someone, let us know and we will take quick action. Anything that conveys the wrong message to the society or something that is misleading, we may have limitations on taking action against them since many times such topics are subjective and everyone may have their own opinion.

    As Ankit suggested, please feel free to raise your concerns as comments below such articles.

    Tony John
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