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    Early birds and night owls at ISC - does less sleep affect health?

    When most of us come online some time during the mid-morning hours, we often see the presence of ISCians being recorded in the forum during the wee hours of the morning or really late hours of the night, sometimes well after the witching hour! This thread is to appreciate the enthusiasm of ISCians to mingle with fellow members, no matter what the hour of the day or night.

    At the same time, a thought also came to my mind - does it not affect your sleep patterns? We often read about the necessity to have a good number of hours of sleep, preferably at least eight hours and with the same fixed hour of going to sleep daily. I was just worrying about ISCians having health issues with just a couple of hours of sleep. Doesn't it affect alertness & energy levels? Is ISC so addictive that you would not mind sacrificing shut-eye time for some more time at ISC?
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    When modern look of Forum came out and Tony Sir has came out with this thread, I have posted a response as response no #578254. Everyone liked the new look but what I had concerned about is the time showing. I had suggested my view in my response but it seemed it was not so important for Webmaster to even reply me. Nevertheless, everyone have their own free time and accordingly they contribute in ISC. Its not about being owl or being early bird but its about free time. I do find sometime late in the night and check the ISC and I too have posted my content around till 2 am once. I still feel that it is totally personal who would like to post when. However, I will find it awkward if someone tells me that I was online in some some unusual timing.

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    If that is the case, ISC should open at 0900 hrs and bring its shutter down at 2100 hrs to keep the early birds and night owls away from ISC. ISC is not a regular school or college or educational institution. It is a part-time institution which is open for 24x7 for all the housewives, students, the retired and old to spend their time as and when they feel like. The night owls and early birds must be having a sound sleep during the day to remain awake during the night. It is the personal choice of the members to be an early bird or a night owl. ISC need not worry about the members sleeping hours and their health. ISCians are well educated and health conscious. The WMs, ME, LEs and Editors should have a sound sleep at night and oversee the ISC happenings during the day.

    The health of the WMs, ME and Editors are more important than the health of members who are the labour group devoting their time and energy at ISC.

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    For me 9.30 pm to 4 am next morning is the sleeping time and I wont compromise the same. At 4 am I do get wake up without any alarm. By body has been toned to get up at 4 am even on Sunday. Therefore I can be seen on computer early in the morning. I am always benefited for giving comment as the first member to those who have raised the thread even after twelve midnight. And if I raise a thread in the early morning , that would be fresh post of the day for those member to respond as first. For me the sleep is not disturbed at all as my daily routine is followed in a pattern.
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    Most of the days, I wake up at 4.30 a.m and log in to ISC because I have nothing to do upto 6.30 a.m. I find Mr. Mohan and Mr. Ravishankar active in Forum Section and Job Section. They log in much earlier than me. Although I log out at around 11 p.m., today I have just now log in to find another two Members active in ISC. As I am haitual early-riser, I don't find any problem (physical) to log in so early.
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    My dialy login to ISC is random. In regular working days: Monday to Saturday, I would be seen around from 7:30pm to 10:30pm and 8pm to 2am on occasional basis.

    Sticking on the web, be it ISC or any other site does affect our health. However, when I get sufficient time, and free time I invest it in here.

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    Very interesting and amusing thread this one.

    Sleep is the essential element of our life and its regulation is directly connected to good health. Every individual has his sleep pattern and normally it is followed. In some abnormal cases like some unfortunate happening when one is under stress and mental pressure, sleep is affected and disturbed.

    Now coming to the time spent by ISCians in ISC and its effect on their sleep - I don't think this work disturbs their sleep or reduces their sleeping hours but yes if they are sacrificing some of their morning and evening hours for this rather than going for walk and daily exercises, it will be detrimental for health, if not now, in the long run.

    So it is basically the time management issue which is important.

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    Early birds and night owls at ISC - does less sleep affect health? Some people has become addicted to ISC. Addiction is not good. Less sleep certainly affects the health. Sleeping less than 7 hours leads to cardio vascular disease. It does not come in one day, it slowly affects the health. So we should avoid to become early birds and night owls at ISC.
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