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    Is a normal bomb not enough that we need MOAB or FOAB?

    The science has grown so much that we are working towards more to destruction than creation. We all have heard about Atom bomb, nuclear Bomb and many more, which if used, can bring devastating affect anywhere in the world. We still have fresh memories of Hiroshima and Nagasaki yet the world have not learned any lesson.

    Recently, US has used MOAB (mother of all bomb) in Afghanistan to kill terrorist. Then I heard Russia has FOAB (Father of all bomb). The way words are used it felt as if we are in some Game zone and playing it in our devices. Unfortunately, this is not related to any game but a cruel truth. Why do we require these kind of bomb when a normal bomb can do so much damages in a battlefield.

    The simple answer is some of the country just want to become BOTW (Boss Of The World) and thus they want to show their power.
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    It is unfortunate that the discoveries of scientists are used for destruction rather than construction. Countries want to show their supremacy by showing their weapons. But they can show by their supremacy with kindness towards mankind. In the game of power many innocent people are dying. Can anyone bring back the dead human being. If you don't have the ability to create, you should not destroy also. But as mentioned it is a cruel attitude of countries.
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    A father or mother alone cannot create a thing. Samething is applicable in creating a bomb. What our great Indians should invent is POAB (Parents of all the bombs). I am sure India will succeed in creating a POAB.

    We should invent and have the bomb ready in our hand to create fear but should never use it.

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    On the one hand the so called big super powers in the world talk about treaty of not possessing weapons or chemical weapons nor any country use the same first even in dire emergency. On the other hand US which lost its patience over controlling ISIS activities has chose MOAB to punish the terrorists hide outs. But it seems they failed as no one was killed but a fear physic has been raised. And now Russia is furious over US action and it wants to drop FOAB and we dont know where it wants to test. Whether it MOAB or FOAB, the destructions are going to be there and even loss of human life.
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    Mr. Jeets: Do you remember American attack on Afghanistan after 26/11? Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar hid themselves in the caves of Tora Borah Mountain and somehow managed to flee Afghanistan entering Pakistan. The situation was similar this time. MOAB (with weight of more than 10,000 kg.) is basically a bunker-blaster. The ISIS militants were hiding in the tunnel-complex at Nangarhar province. It was found essential to use MOAB to successfully eliminate the terrorists.
    Coming to the main question, ordinary bombs would not be effective in these cave-tunnels. Before using MOAB, Government of USA informed Govt. of Afghanistan about the impending action to minimise losses of civilian lives and properties. Otherwise most of the people within 150 metres of the area of the blast would suffer major burn injuries.

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    Partha, I am not against of US who were destroying the terrorist but the way world is going. If we remember, it was the US who had provided all the destructive ammunition to the terrorist just to counter USSR (then)in 1988. We (India) are shouting to the world from such long time about the terrorist activity in our country, the big countries never heard us, But, when the same thing happened to them, they woken up.

    My general message is why do we need such bomb? Yes, ok now they want to destroy their enemy but who made their enemy powerful? Now, I feel it is more than damaging to terrorist, its a show off to the world.

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    Mr. Jeets: Is the situation normal? Are these people (terrorists) normal? To deal with abnormal people, abnormal solution is necessary.

    This is my free and firm opinion.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    No, I never mean that but why the world in such situation? I am talking of international politics and not local. If few responsible country would have acted responsible, this situation would not have come.

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    Mr. Jeets: Whatever you are saying is correct for normal, right-thinking people. But, unfortunately many people are not normal. When humanity wants to move forward, a significant number of people wants to ride the time machine and go in backward direction. I don't want to elaborate further, because I am afraid of losing valuable points.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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