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    Will TTV Dinakaran follow the foot steps of Chinnamma Sasikala?

    Sasikala wanted to be the CM of TN. Time has made her to count the jail bars for four years. Her close relative, follower and her nominated Deputy Party Secretary TTV Dinakaran too wanted to be the CM of TN by winning the RK Nagar election. Fortunately or unfortunately, the bye election has been postponed due to cash for voters. Now Mr. TTV Dinakaran is in trouble and has been charged for bribing the election commission with Rs. 50 crores to get the party symbol (Dual leaves). Also ADMK minsters were caught holding heavy cash for distribution to the voters. There are many corruption charges pending against TTVDinakaran.
    The question is - Will Mr. TTV Dinakaran also follow the foot steps of Sasikala in getting into jail and count the bars for many years? Will the Mannargudi mafia rule the jails?
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    Those who err in the life with corruption and leaving all the proofs cannot escape from the hands of law. The OPS group is doing overtime to corner every move of Shashikala group and thus there are every chance that TTV Dinakaran is going to be arrested for having offered advance through a broker to get back the two leaves AIADMK back to his group and that was rightly exposed by OPS group. Delhi Police have already registered a case and would arrest him certainly. With this the break away groups of AIADMK shall join once again as the bad people like Shahikala and Dinakaran are out and the party would be braced up to face the coming elections to the state assembly. If OPS and EPS groups wont merge, the DMK shall have the cake walk in next elections and that is going to happen.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The politics in Tamilnadu is so degenerated that people don't have hope or confidence on any of the political parties that they would serve the people well. They are in a pitiable situation of voting for the party which they presume to be the best among the worst parties available at present. Gone are the days when elections in TN were fought on principles for which the parties stood and what they promised to do for the people.
    Situation in AIADMK is much worse. Nobody knows what are the basic principles of AIADMK. Whether they follow Anna who based his party with Periar thoughts or whether they are in line with MGR who professed to work for the poor and humble. After the taking over of the party by Ms.Jayalalitha. the only principle of the party leaders turned out to be how to please Ms.Jayalalitha. No inner party democracy; whoever is closer to JJ had their ways in the party. That is how Sasikala and now TTVD have started ruling AIADMK.
    Hence both the factions of the party are used to be led by power centres and now is the time they changed their way of doing politics in the state. It would do good to the leaders of AIADMK to start thinking of people and their problems. It is high time that inner party democracy is given importance in the party and the GS and other office bearers have to get elected by the grass root workers of the party and not by the diktat of the people who are said to be powerful by money or whatever. If this happens there will be some hope for AIADMK started by late MGR.

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