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    If some one abuses you in public on your past deed, what would be your reaction ?

    Normally people wont forget their bad moments in life and some have the grudge to take vengeance in such a way that the opposite person should feel the humiliation to the hilt. Suppose you had the tiff with other person and he kept quiet and left from the place. Then after few months when in a common gathering same person was spotted and it is now his turn to say abuse in front of all and in that situation what would be your answer and action. Because that person wants to tarnish your image in front of all and that should be avoided and how ?
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    Forgiveness is the answer to all the vengeance.

    But in a sutuation, when the turn for vengeance against me comes, I would stand or sit still if I was wrong and deserve the punishment.

    Contrary to that, when my turn comes I would forgive and forget those wee tiff. Because we can't live by vengeance or past regrets, rather we should seek happiness and honour in future.

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    If someone is abusing us in public we should try to calm down him and tell him that he should sit down with us and talk whatever problem he has so that it can be sorted out. If he does not agree and keeps on shouting and abusing than best thing is keep quiet and leave the place without fuss.

    At a later stage we can talk to the person and try to remove any misunderstanding he is having.

    Any person who behaves in fighting and abusive manner in public loses his reputation to a great extent and other people also start becoming cautious with him and also avoid him. He is losing his reputation not we.

    Controlling ones temper in such situation is the thing to be practiced and with time these sores are healed.

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    There is a saying, reserve your anger. I think it is the best way to act. First of all we should not abuse anybody in public. If somebody has done any mistake call him separately and tell him the mistake and ask him to get it corrected and advise him not to do that mistake again.

    But sometimes people will try to hurt you in public. In such situations my policy is to reserve anger. Wait for a day when you will get a best chance for you to teach him a lesson.

    People say don't drop a stone on the dung it will flash on your face only. So best policy is to go away from the place, wait for a chance and make the other person to understand his mistake. If you abuse somebody in the public, he will also do the samething when the chance comes to him. So we should never abuse anybody in public.

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    May be I can not tolerate such behaviour. If such situation arise in front of me, at first I would like to calm him down. Try to solved it out with talk involving some more people. Even if he continue abusing me then a big SLAP on his face holding his neck would be my reaction. I can't be like saint to take anything from anyone.

    If doing wrong thing is bad then excepting wrong thing is worse.

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