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    'Yes' to after-dinner walk; 'No' to after-lunch walk

    I have read in various health magazines that we must not hit the bed immediately after dinner. The health experts tell us to have a light after-dinner walk before going to bed. But, at the same time, the heath experts forbid us to take a walk after lunch. Some experts even advise us to have a 'cat-nap' or 'beauty-sleep', if possible, after lunch.

    On the other hand, we have also read that "Breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a beggar'. This basically means that lunch should be heavy and dinner should be light. If this is so, then why do we require to take rest after heavy lunch and have a light walk after light dinner?

    Isn't it a puzzle? Who can solve this puzzle?
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    What you said is correct. There need be no walk after lunch and need a little walk after the dinner. Why because, after the lunch, we resume our work and remain busy with both mental and physical activities. So, a special walk is not necessary. Whereas, after the dinner, we have no physical or mental activity before going to bed. As it is essential to have some exercise after the dinner, a light walk is preferred before going to rest for the night.
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    For some eating late evening with varied menu is the problem for digestion and hence they need to walk so that next day morning they have clear stomach. But if you are the habitual normal eater of routine items made at home and at the right time, I feel walking after dinner is not necessary. If a person does a brisk walking early in the morning, that would keep his body toned for the whole day. That means he feels like eating more break fast , and by virtue of his exercise in the morning, he feels hungry much earlier and thus he wants best menu for the lunch. What our elders used to say that after lunch having a short nap is necessary so that our metabolism inside body would work according to the normal procedure. If we eat right food at right time, that itself a big exercise and we need not worry about exercise or walking after dinner.
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    Yes you are right Mr. Partha. We should take a small nap after lunch but it should be small 15- 20 minutes. And we must go to walk after dinner. these habits make us healthy and necessary for the good health.
    I have seen many persons who take small nap after lunch at their shop. In many shops of Mumbai where my cousins work have lunch period of 1 hours so they take a small nap after lunch. It make us fresh again to do work.

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    There are many such thing which we should follow. But, do we have time for it? Yes, it fit to those people who have ample of time on their side. Probably, these all old saying is fit to those era only. Here, those who live in metro city, have to run from morning to evening, thinking more to reach on time at work place than thinking of all these old saying. Obviously, these are above mentioned saying are very good habit but unfortunately the kind of time table we (some people) follow, it is very difficulty to follow.

    Eating heavy Break fast means, starting of the day one must be physically strong, even if lunch take little time it won't affect him physically. Taking light and dinner less means to keep balancing your body diet. Before one go to bed, it is advisable that not to take heavy dinner which take time to digest.

    However, it just happened opposite to some people. Sometime we need to skip the breakfast, take heavy lunch and eat much at dinner because this is the only time, you can eat peacefully.

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    Heavy breakfast, medium lunch and light dinner is always advisable. Walk with empty stomach in the morning is a very good practice for maintaining our health. As mentioned by almost everybody a small sleep after lunch is the practice of many people. But all can't have that luxury as many of us will remain in the office and no chance to sleep there.

    Whether you walk or don't walk after dinner, you should be active and should not go to bed at least for one and half hours after dinner. This will ensure digestion and better health. What doctors say is don't eat anything after 8 PM and go to bed by 10 PM. I feel it is good to maintain this system for a better fitness.

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    Read the responses. My question is little bit different. If we take comparatively heavier food in lunch, then why shouldn't we take a walk after lunch?
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