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    Is it 'Idli" or "Idhuli" ?

    I came across a interesting fact that the famous South Indian item "idli" which is a must menu in many homes across the four states as different name in Tamil. Actually the Idli what we are habituated to write and spell is from English but the actual term used in Tamil is " Idhuli". After reading this I wanted to share the same here with ISC and know the feed back of our great members. I would like to have the views of those members especially from the South to say something on this new finding and share their knowledge as to how Idli got its fame.
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    The right word for Idli is 'Ittili'. Idhuli sounds odd and I never heard of it. It is a steam rice cake.
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    It is commonly and popularly known as idli only. The pronunciation may change according to regions like Sun has said it is ittili and in Kerala it is called iddali. So it depends like how people from different regions call it or pronounce it as is the case for so many other things. There may be areas where people call it as idhuli, who knows?
    If we begin to entertain such doubts and ask questions based on names and pronunciations, I am sure that we would have so many in the genre!

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    Most common word is "IDLI" only. I heard this word 'IDHULI" today only. It is a new word for me. My grandfather used to call Idli as Iddenu and Idlis as Iddenulu. He was from Godavari Districts of Andhra Pradesh. All the dishes will have different names in different places.
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    Might be there are some place or section of people call IDLI as IDHULI but during my stay in Chennai for almost 6 and half years, I have never heard anyone pronouncing IDHULI. It is always IDLI which I know or heard from other people. Interestingly, I have never seen in any menu card where IDLI is written IDHULI. As far as this food is concern, its one of my favourite morning food and I can never get bore if I eat IDLI daily.

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