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    What is your writing advantage?

    I feel rejuvenated after writing about three years. My friend usually chat with me when I am contributing at Mylot and ISC. One aunty teaches me English on internet. That is why I am able to communicate in English. I mean not many people who are not even matriculate can write English like me, isn't it?

    I feel proud about it, but much of the credit goes to my friends and ISCians. The post from active members are forcing me to check meanings and learn new words and improve my grammar. I get more than the money in the bank. I can feel some improvement in my expression.

    I thank, ISC, Friends and Aunty on behalf of my entire family.
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    John you have been creating great impression in this forum with your good writing caliber and surely that aunty has played major role in refining you. Normally when you are regular and have sustained presence in this site, daily you can learn many things and some members are versatile enough to introduce new information and new words which is again a learning experience to us. I have been maintaining in this site that even today I consider a novice in this site as new information are gathered and shared by elite members which makes me also to do differently. We always get good inputs from those who are in touch with the daily happenings around them and thus we are treated with new knowledge and that makes us to respond easily. You have the great chance making a mark for yourself in this site and that is guaranteed.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I was not a writer before 2011. I used to write only letters pertaining to my office. It is ISC that made me to think and become a creative writer. Also ISC made me a creative artist. ISC India map is one such creative art from me. ISC made me to write a Love letter to initiate friendship with a girl.

    I owe lot many thanks to ISC for my English learning.

    No life without Sun

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    First of all English is a language and to learn any language I don't think you need any educational qualifications. Its like same if one is learn to speak Tamil or Marathi without having it as his/her mother tongue. It all depend on your surrounding atmosphere. What kind of people you spend time more is the main thing. There are many people who are not educated well though they speak fluently English, it is just because he/she spending his/her time with those people who are more into English language. Also, it depend on your interest and practice, the more you are into something, the more you get the knowledge. If you don't have interest to learn other languages, you just can't learn it.

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    As written by Mr. Jeets, Your interest to learn any thing is important. When you don't have any interest, the teacher, the books or the friends can't do anything. Teachers try to inculcate interest in you by using their skills. Once you show a little positive attitude they take you a long way.

    During My M.Sc, my professor used to tell me that I should complete my Ph.D., and then only I should try for a job. I used to tell him that my financial position may not support me. Then he used to encourage me by telling not to worry about that. Thus he has created lot of interest in me to go for Doctorate. Luckily I got CSIR fellowship after my M.Sc and completed my doctorate degree. Likewise your teacher has also brought to this level and you will definitely improve further. ISC is a very good educational site. We can learn many things here through other knowledgeable members.

    always confident

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    @Sir Mohan, Thanks for the compliments. I wonder if I could write good English like you and creative.

    @Jeets, My English is indeed poor. Gradually, learning online reading and participating in group discussions has considerably improved my language as well as language.

    @Dr. Shrinivasa, when I initially joined ISC, my intention was to make money. Now, it made me realise that we should learn first and earnings becomes easy.

    @Sun, I used to get inspired with your responses and thread in the Forum section. I always wonder how to work hard and become more creative like you.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    John, you said your English is poor. But, does it really matter? What you want to say or send a message, people are understanding. As long as there is no problem understanding your language, you are good. However, Your writing is pretty good and you should be happy for it.

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    I never thought i could write about something. But after joining ISC i started writing on various topics. I don't think that i am that creative in writing but now i am able to express my thoughts. I have joined it before 4 months only and this made me to learn new things. I login daily to meet with new words, new thoughts and new ideas. This is so good.

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    "I wonder if I could write good English like you and creative.".. why should there be this doubt at all?
    When we all were born, we did not know any language at all. The only language or mode of communication then was to cry. The people around us then interpreted our cry sound accoding to their knowledge and experience and exposure. Some interpreted the cry sound as '';some interpreted as 'lla..lla,''; for some it sounded as 'amma or mamma'. But the infant did not have any choice but outpouring the natural outcome.

    By and by the people around us taught us the language to communicate. Hence or first language was, what our mother talked- that became our mother tongue. All of us are comfortable in our mother tongue. However when our world started expanding beyond our mother,father and our own home, we started learning more and more modes of communication including new languages.
    Depending on our efforts and needs of usage and getting people to correct us, we also gathered skills in languages.

    Our thoughts get enriched by more and more reading and listening to others. These inputs are then churned inside our mind by self exercise and our own individual and unique thoughts develop and come out. If we read and listen to those who are having good thoughts and ideas, we will also have good thoughts and ideas. If we read and listen to those who have god language our language also will develop automatically. Then when we express our ideas and thoughts the development and progress will show up. However we should not be stagnate and be always learning new things , new styles and correct our mistakes I find or if someone points out.

    What I am seeing is that John Deo is consistently doing better and better. So nothing to worry and doubt, if the same learning trend and positive attitude is kept on.

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    @Jeets, thanks a ton for throwing more light to my confusion. I regularly try to post one discussion on this website. It makes me calm reading other members post.

    @Priya, you made a wise decision by joining ISC. I am glad you are intrigued to learn and share your knowledge. Keep up the tempo.

    @Venkit, I am trying to improve writing skills by investing enough time participating in forum, group discussions, nurturing and learning new words that I come across in forum section.
    I am inclined to agree with you.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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