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    Curd is not to be eaten during dinner. Is it right?

    Some elders in my family say that we should not include curd/butter milk in our dinner. Is it right? Why they say so? Does it harm us? If so how? Please throw some good light on this subject.
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    I wont agree with the author that curd should not be included in the menu of dinner, In fact for every South Indian curd is the must inclusion item and the meal end with that Thair Sadam or curd rice. As far as I know, there is nothing wrong in eating curd during dinner. In fact feel like having taken total meal after having curd rice. Even in North too they end the meal or dinner with a curd and of course with added sugar which they call it Lassi. Therefore whether North or South, taking curd during the meal and even in dinner has become practice and must and there is no harm in it.
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    I too have heard that curd i.e curd rice should not be taken during night. Instead they can take butter milk mixed with rice which is usually taken as the last item during meals.

    I don't know whether this is a myth or not but what I understand is people who are easily prone to cold are not supposed to consume curd at night. The reason (don't know whether there is a scientific base or not), curd when taken during night time triggers cold / phlegm formation. Whereas butter milk does not do so but being a natural coolant, helps in keeping the body cool.

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    I have not heard anything like that but yes we say those who are having cold or cough should not take curd in the night. I am a person who love curd so much and don't stop myself eating it any time, I have no problem at all. In fact even in during cold season if it happen to near me, I eat it. Actually, it all depend on your body, how it behave having something particular and accordingly we should eat.

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    My physician only advised avoiding curds totally when having a cold or a cough as it affects the respiratory system due to mucus formation which blocks the nose. During fever too she had advised against eating it. Otherwise, as advised by her, curds is highly beneficial as it helps the digestive system. A light meal of curds rice is also good when you have an upset stomach.
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    In my house also all my elders said that we should not take curd in dinner. Instead what they advised was to add a little water and make it buttermilk by stirring. That is good in the nights. Curd as it is very hard to get digested whereas you make it as buttermilk by stirring and separating the butter from that, it can get easily digested. When you stir the curd with water, the creamy layer will get separated and precipitate out as butter. So the remaining will not have any heavy content in it. So I feel taking buttermilk in the dinner is advisable than curd.

    In fact we feel sleepy if we take curd rice in the lunch as it is a heavy food. So I take only butter milk rice both the times and I never prefer Curd as it is.

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    Dinner should be the lightest meal of the day. Curd is heavy on stomach and thus should be avoided during dinner as it will not get digested easily. It creates cooling effect on body and thus should particularly avoided by people who suffer from respiratory disorders. Buttermilk on other hand is very light as all the butter and fat is removed out of it, making it a very light refreshing drink and thus can be consumed at any time of the day, even a few minutes before going to bed. This is the reason that elders advice us to skip curd during night time.

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