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    Have you ever realized the presence of God?

    Have you ever realized the presence of God in your life? I have realized many times. When I am distraught, I chant His name and He shows me the right path. Sometimes I experienced miracles in life. When I got married, my in-laws wanted me to leave my teaching job. I didn't persuade them on this point. But I prayed to God to change their mind and to my surprise they changed and allowed me to continue with my job. I have felt the presence of God many times.
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    This is a kind of question, only those can answer who has felt it. I was a person who don't follow anything blindly. However, one incident in my life totally changed my thought and I was forced to believe that yes, there is God if not there is definitely some super natural power which help us in our difficult situation. People have different opinion about it, some are atheist they more believe in science or unless they see it practically, they don't believe in God or such super natural power. But, one thing is sure, every one gets a chance in their life when they believe that there is something beyond the science, because of that this entire universe runs.

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    I believe in existence of God, but have not developed that much of power where I can directly communicate with Him. I have heard that we have to rise above ourselves to feel His presence. He is ever ready to guide us and show us the right path, but we have to shut every thing around us to listen to Him. Cause every thing around us creates a hindrance and disturbance which prevents us from communicating with that peaceful Supreme Soul.

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    Yes, definitely there is something beyond science and that is only running the universe. Some may call it GOD or some may call Super natural Power. Whatever it is definitely there is a super natural power controlling the whole universe is quite sure.

    After completing my post graduation, I was in my village with my parents waiting for CSIR announcement for applying for Fellowship. My Professor was in constant touch with me. The announcement had come. First we have to apply for the blank application. Once it comes we have to fill it and get it signed by the Professor and send to CSIR through Department of University. I had written for application and waiting. Every day I used to go to post office and see whether my application had come. Time was passing and the last date for application submitting was approaching.
    Vinayaka Chavithi had come on that day. I should receive the application on that day otherwise no chance for submitting the application. I was in lot of anxiety. As a practice all of our family members including myself had early head bath and performed puja to God Vinayaka. I prayed Ganesha that I should get my application on that day. After my lunch I thought of going to Post office. But there was a delay in having lunch. Meanwhile to my surprise the Postman came to our house early on that day and handed over me the cover containing the application. I was so happy and really i felt that God only helped me.

    This is my real experience to feel the presence of the almighty 'GOD"

    always confident

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    For me, God has nothing to do with fulfilling wishes. I believe very firmly in karmic account. What we sow, so we reap. If something we deserve then nothing can stop us from achieving it, and trust me even God does not interfere with our karmic account. He will never grant us anything which we do not deserve. If we are destined for something then we have to face it and it is we who write our destiny. For example, if we do 100 good deeds and 1 bad deed then it is not true that 100 good deeds will wipe away our 1 bad deed. We have to face consequences of all of them. We have to face 100 rewards and 1 bad outcome and no matter how much we pray in front of God to wipe away that 1 sin we committed, he is not going to do that.

    For me, God is the power house from whom I seek power and blessings to carry out my life. In absence of this power, life seems dull. He never does anything for us i.e., He does not fulfill our wishes or curse us if we do something wrong. We are the ones who have to carry out our tasks. He only lends his power and shows us the right path.

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    There is a saying,Deivam Manushya roopEna which means no God will appear before us directly but appear before us in another human form whenever we call or in danger or critical situation. I felt this type twice.
    1.Once I went to my native village near Tanjore with my wife. To reach the place it took more than expected hour, so we reached the village bus stop by 6.00 pm. As I know the route to the house well, we step in the way strongly but with fear as the route was not good one in night hours as there was a huge fenceless tank on the way. Sooner we cross some yards it was getting dark and we could not see even each other. We got trembled and I, as remembered that there was a Siva temple near the street of our house,started chanting om namasivaya and starting searching the temple light. After few yards, I located the light of temple tower which removed my total fear. The fear we felt on this situation is unable to explain one. Though we came to understand later that the electric power regained then.
    2.similar incidence happened to me and my wife secondly in the bus stop of Ozhuaimangalam village near Thirukadaiyur,Tamilnadu. we visited the Mariamman Temple in that village and about to return to Mayuram where we have stayed during our tour. Even after waiting in the bus stop for m ore than one hour we could not have any bus on that route and the sky is getting darkened. In that dark we could not see each other and no other persons we found in the bus stop other than us two. Only the running car and two wheelers light was there. With fear my wife started to pray the Mariamman for help.
    Above our belief we got a voice by our side as asking us where we are going. In the running vehicles light we realized to see an old lady nearing eighty years old by our side as I we never seen before. I by forgetting fear told her that we were on the way to mayuram. she told us that as there was some struggle in the near city Karaikkal, the buses would come late and she also belongs to Ambakaraththur (later we came to know that Ambakaraththur, a village on our way,there is a Goddess in the name of Ambakaraththur Kali) Some minutes later a bus came and we both after boarding into the bus saw in the light of bus for that old lady but no body was there.
    3.when I admitted my close relative in the hospital of Udupi Karnataka for some treatment, I went to the Udupi Krishna Temple after the admission and treatment started for praying Lord Krishna. When I was in the queue, I mentally prayed Lord Krishna for betterment of my relative(as I took in charge for his treatment, my fear was more at that time). Beyond the belief, some two persons were talking behind me,vichaar nahin, sab teek ho jayega!. Just I took those words as reply of Lord Krishna to my prayer

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    In my childhood days i had a firm belief that God is there in every temple or any place of worship. But when i started growing up i got to know that either god is everywhere or nowhere. It doesn't mean that i became atheist, but i started believing Karma. I don't know if there is presence of God or not, But the fact is whenever we want peace of mind we go to the God only. We Pray, we confess and after that prayer we feel something good in ourselves. This can be a supernatural power or God.

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    God is something which you can not see or touch but you feel its presence everyhere.It is a mystery but you pray to it for your well being and prosperity.We do not understand him but assume many things about him. It is a one sided dialogue with him and if something happens we attribute it to be his plan.

    God is something which is not mandatory on us but is based on our faith and beliefs and we go on in the journey of life always assuming his blessings with us. Some people do not believe in God. They only believe in work and its result. Though they are also not able to explain the mysteries of life and uncertainity of future.

    Anyway it is not a matter of belief or no belief. It is simply whether you want an invisble and almighty support in your life or not.With that support you complete the journey of life with less confusion as everything is supposed to be as per his wishes.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    If you believe in saying that God comes to help you in form of another human beings then yes I realized his presence many times.

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