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    What do you do to enhance your vocabulary?

    I always used to think about what best can be done to enhance one's vocabulary. Most people gave suggestions like reading English newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian express, the Economic times etc. But it appeared to be a very time consuming process and sometimes boring also. It was then that one of my of my friends suggested "Word Power Made Easy" by Norman Lewis and I really liked the idea. This book is effective and wonderful to read. It has changed my whole perception about vocabulary enhancement and also made me interested in the etymology of the words.

    Now whenever I study about the origin of any words, the stories behind these words always fascinate me. In the past there were so many words which I recognized and had idea about them but had no idea about their origin. But now I know all the story behind them.

    One such simple word is the Greek word 'astron' which means star and there are so many words formed by this word like astrology- study of star (logy- study of eg- biology, psychology e.t.c),
    disaster- when stars are against you, as in earlier days it was believed that human destiny is ruled by star and when they are against us it causes calamity or any misfortune, asterisk- star like shape, astrophysics- branch of physics which deals with heavenly bodies etc.

    What's your way of enhancing your vocabulary?
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    You have enjoyed with "Word Power Made Easy"by Norman Lewis now. I enjoyed the same 15 years back. It is nice book and very cheap Rs 99 only. There are many tools/ways to improve one's vocabulary. One good book is dictionary of antonyms and synonyms, which teaches the correct usage of words. directly dictionary can be read on daily basis till your vocab comes to the desired level. You should always refer or look for the meaning of new word at daily basis. Read the things, find the difficult words trace their meanings. When ever I read ME Vandana's thread/ articles i find few words new to me. I see the meaning in google, hence learning process goes on.
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    Dictionary usage is one thing which improves our vocabulary. Take an English book, keep a dictionary with you. Go on reading the book and understand the matter completely. Try meaning word by word. If any word is not understood, open the dictionary and see the meaning. Write 2 or 3 sentences using that word. By this way you can remember the word as well as the meaning also.
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    I don't have desirable vocabulary so I always have a dictionary with me whenever i read a new article or book. Articles given in newspapers are also interesting to read and they have some new words everyday, when i start to reading newspaper i open dictionary in my phone. But whenever we read novel we are in a flow to the story then we can understand meaning of a particular word. I have never read the book "Word Power Made Easy"by Norman Lewis, but as said this is a easy way to enhance vocabulary, i will try it now.

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    Whenever we are reading a book or newspaper it is better to keep a dictionary and thesaurus handy. Now a days everything is available online so that can also be accessed on a smart phone.

    Only thing is it will take some more time in reading and it may look more like studying but seeing a tough word in dictionary and then in thesaurus for its synonyms will definitely help in enhancing the vocabulary.

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    To improve vocabulary read as much as you can through comics, litreture books, novels and english newspapers. Engage in group conversation by simply talking with expertise person to discover new words. I use an application to expand vocabulary called "The Hindi Vocabulary Builder" through this android application we can learn ten new words everyday. The main focus of this app to help the users enhance their vocabulary in a effective manner. There are many articles are written in this app to learn new words based on your reading level. It also contains vocab videos, quizzes, dictionary and many more feature that will help users to improve and expand their vocabulary.

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    There nothing better than having handy a qualified dictionary which can provide you with good kind of vocabulary. I am also of the opinion that you must watch English films with sub titles and in that we can see some new words and the way they converse also brings us new information. Of course one can always learn from the editorials of famous news papers like The Hindu, Times of India, and Hindustan Times. All these papers are having good editors at their command and their use of some wonderful words will interest you. Just read the editorial every day and get accustomed to new words..
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    Reading always can be the best for anyone.
    Reading not only provide you information about any thing but also enrich your vocabulary.
    If you are addicted to read the best you can have you will improve faster but it doesnt mean that we wont learn vocabulary from the worse one, it also improve our knowledge .
    Bad and good is the part of life which we can overrule at any point of time.
    The books or news paper anyone recommended for was written by one one without the idea of any such prevalent books.
    We should focus only on what actually we want. It is not the best of bad but the time which we spend on finding quality even on useless contend.

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    Every one has their own and unique way of learning new words, but good thing is everyone keeps learning and they never stops but found more and more ways to learn things. Thank you all for sharing your ways of learning new words.
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    This is a good discussion to share the knowledge.

    I started to write contents way back in 2012. Before, I was an avid reader of Comics: Suppandi, Shikari Shambu, short stories and Novels. I improved my vocubulary from my English text book, Alt English and Moral studies textbook. The glossary and Vocubulary: list of words with meaning were printed on the last page of contents. I couldn't ask my dad for dictionary since we had financial issues. Walk the talk and talk the walk situation. Gradually, I always persevere to learn new words and write Good English.

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    Word power made easy is really a very nice book to enhance your vocabulary. I use this books and try to learn new words. Reading books, magazines, newspaper etc are also useful to enhance vocabulary. I use all these for the same.
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