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    How many times do you brush your teeth?

    There is a saying in English, 'The beauty of a smile lies in the teeth'. So everyone brush their teeth in the morning to have whiter teeth and to keep the germs away. Some people clean their teeth twice a day. What is the appropriate time to clean our teeth to keep them clean and to keep the germs away? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Brushing your teeth twice a day is not enough to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Proper brushing technique must be known for better results. This can be learn by visiting dental clinic. Thus in my opinion frequency and time of brushing does not matter much, but proper technique must be used to get better results.
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    Brushing teeth is the modern practice. Our ancestors did not brush their teeth but cleaned their teeth with their index finger using some powder type materials. What is important is - We should wash our mouth properly after each meal ensuring no particle get blocked in between the teeth. As we get up from the bed, we should clean our mouth well. Brush our teeth with neem sticks to kill the germs. Lightly brush it for a minute or two to remove unwanted elements formed on our teeth during the night. Use a tongue cleaner to keep your tongue clean. With a clean tongue, we can speak better.

    At an average, brushing for one or two minutes (60 seconds to 100 seconds) is quite sufficient to maintain our teeth in perfect state.

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    Brushing teeth after every eating is better. When we eat something small small pieces of food get entrapped in between the teeth. Sometimes they will go by cleaning your mouth with water. Sometimes they may not go. That is the reason many people use some small sticks to remove those. Instead of that if we use a brush and clean it, no smell will come. Mouth will always fresh.
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    Twice a day brushing is good habit, once when you woke up and second when you go to bed after dinner. However, how you brush your teeth is the most important. Simply rubbing your brush on teeth does not call brushing. It just damage the shape of brush nothing else. A good 2 minute brushing is enough to bring germs out. Some people do it thrice a day too, after lunch is the other time.

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    I have the habit of brushing the teeth early in the morning and before going to bed. But what I suggest that we may brush our teeth with cleaning agent called tooth paste of high order. But unless and until we have the control over dinner eating and the stuff got tangled inside the mouth, even after brushing the odor may be there. So instead of brushing going for Listerine mouth wash which not only bring total freshness from the bad odor and also keeps our mouth fresh during the sleep. Some people suggest brushing after every meal which may not be possible for every one as we go to the office.
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    We brush our teeth on regular basis. Now a days everyone is addicted with same habbit .
    In my opinion it is good to brush our teeth daily but how many times in a day it should be decided on what kinds of food habbit you are addicted too.
    Few months i visited to dentist, he firstly checked thoroughly and immediately asked me how many times you brush your teeth daily.
    On listening my answer he advised me stop brushing many time you can stick to one time only and use soft brush only beside this he also told me the various technique of good brushing.
    I started following him now i brush once early in the morning ,but after every meal i go for proper rinse with fresh water.
    So matter is that if you keep brushing your teeth more and more than it will start decaying soon.

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    I brush my teeth twice a day. In the morning and at night before go to bed. It is necessary to brush the teeth at least twice a day. Doctors believe that mouth is the dirtiest cavity of our body so it is very important for us to keep clean it by brushing at least twice a day. Brushing teeth protects us from many diseases.
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    I think flossing is as important as brushing and using a mouthwash when it comes to maintaining oral hygiene. Dentists recommend flossing before going to bed. Surprisingly, this personal hygiene practice that has not caught on in India. It is better than using toothpicks and/or sharp objects like a safety pin. Flossing also prevents tooth decay. Dental floss is easily available at medical stores and big departmental stores.
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    A point made by Dr. Amrita & Jeets is the most pertinent - how you brush is more important to take care of your teeth properly. Generally the method is simply to brush up and down and sideways vigorously. This is wrong. It should be done gently in this manner: for upper teeth, up to down and for the lower teeth down to up. Then on top of the lower teeth and the bottom of the upper teeth, to and fro. The inner parts of the teeth should also not be overlooked. You do not need to use a large amount of toothpaste either. As mentioned by Juana, flossing is equally important as it dislodges bits of food from the spaces between teeth.

    Though this thread is on the topic of brushing, here are some more suggestions for general good oral hygiene, including ones already mentioned:
    1. Remember to change your toothbrush every three months at least because the bristles tend to wear out.
    2. Buy a tongue cleaner from the chemist shop and clean the tongue too once daily.
    3. Don't just swirl water in your mouth once & spit it out. Rinse your mouth thoroughly 2-3 times after anything you eat.
    4. Those with sensitive teeth can use the special toothpaste available for sensitive teeth, but confirm with the Dentist how long you are supposed to use it. Toothbrushes for sensitive teeth with extra soft bristles are also available.
    5. Gentle massaging of gums with the Dentist-recommended gel/paste/liquid is extremely useful for those with bleeding gums.
    6. It is a must to have a dental check up at least twice a year to ensure that there are no oral infections or other dental problems and get tartar removed. If you suddenly find you cannot tolerate hot and spicy food or discover large white patches on the cheeks or tongue, then visit the Dentist and find out the correct cause - do not panic and think it is cancer. It may not be that at all.
    7. Smokers and those eating betel nut, chewing any form of tobacco, etc must do regular check-ups to detect early signs of oral cancer (the pre-cancerous stage), so that an early diagnosis can help in prevention of full blown oral cancer with proper treatment. Do give up such bad habits right away to maintain good oral health.

    Also, remember: do not get fooled by marketing strategies of various brands. Oral hygiene is not determined by the brand but by the regular schedule and techniques of brushing and flossing.

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